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I am moving into a new house and the people I have bought the house off are leaving an avairy which is quite large.I am going to buy some birds,finches,and was wondering what kind of buy as I do not know really if one kind gets on with another

Like the cage would be the size of a rabbit/ferret cage. And P.S I’m not actually gonna do it I’m just wondering. But do you think they would fight? Jeese people i was just thinking I told you I’m not gonna do it I mean doesn’t anybody read anymore for God’s sake

My kid wants a bird but we have 2 cats and a dog and I can’t see having a snack hanging around,. She wants a finch but I’ve read that they aren’t good with loud exciting atmospheres, any advice! I say we get another dog!!

I have two bird feeders on my porch in a quite semi-urban area. One is full of safflower seeds which the house finches love and the other has mixed seed. I read that house finches can be aggressive and I don’t usually see any other birds except a cardinal. Sometimes there are as many as 12 finches on the porch.

Hey there,

I’ve been researching Lady Gouldian Finches, but nowhere I look specifies if Lady Gouldian Finches can be good companion birds.

Are they more of a “trophy” bird, or can they also be a companion bird?

Any websites or recommended reading is well appreciated.


I have 2 finches; one male and one female. They’ve been chasing each other around the cage for the last few minutes biting at each other and fighting. The female keeps running the male in the nest. They were fine earlier. What’s wrong now?

We have a squirrel coming to a branch above a bird feeder and lingering below the feeder.

The birds leave quickly.

I am concerned that they will look for a new home.

In asking this question the birds I am referring to are the zebra finch.

and I am wandering if i need to have, say two male/female pairs or can i have a female and two males?

I want to make my birds as comfortable as possible in their home.

I heard my zebra finch making a noise this morning that sounded like a faint snore. I’ve owned many birds and never heard this sound before.

i have a 6foot cage and love finches but what other birds can i put with them if any

I’m thinking either budgies or doves plz suggeset a dove xD

When do I separate the babies from the parents? They are about 10 days out of the nest. Think I have 3 females/1male. Do I get mates for them when older to prevent inter breeding? Thanks

He’s a baby stray and we found him a week ago and took him in. We have 14 finches and we keep them loose in the living room. Is it possible for our kitten to give them ringworms?

plz write your answer in an organized scientific method(hypothesis problem experiment graph (if possible) result conclusion)

i have a very large cage the size of a fridge so space isn’t an a problem. please help i want a

cage full of different kinds of feathered friends.

can some one educate me on zebra finches?

birds canaries or finches

i would also like to distract birds like the those big dark black birds and squirrels; any suggestions?

How well should I take care of my birds, in order for them to live a long life? What should I feed them instead of finch food?

I have finches nesting in the attic of my house due to a missing board and a screen in two places up there when my house was built. I don’t want to just throw the nest out and cover the openings. There are chicks too. I want them to leave on their own. My question is when will these birds leave their nest?

What are their differences as in price or personality? Tell me how are they the same and diff in some things! Please, i need help in

buying pet birds for a friend and she wants me to choose between both birds.

I don’t know if there is such a thing as an automatic feeder for caged birds, but since I have one for my aquarium, I thought someone might be able to help.

I would much appreciate it.

I got a budgie and he looks lonely so I was going to get a female budgie, but can I buy a finch or cocktail and put it in there? or no

I would like a recipe to feed the local wild birds i my garden, we have a good varity of birds, finches to wood peckers, so would like a well ballanced feed for them, i would like to fill coconut shells so it would need to be firm and not to greasy for obvious reasons.

i dont know how to get finches to go there…i saw inside there were some twigs from birds

I have sick canary and some one told me to give BAYTRIL but I do not know if it`s good for birds .and I do`t know were to buy it from .Can some one tell me were to buy it from Thanks

my birds {male} and {female} mated and layed eggs today is their 13 day of incubating and they seem a lot more active now does that mean the eggs will hatch soon{ my birds are society finches}

I finally decided what type of bird to get, its a finch, but i need to know what type to get. What do you think

and one looks ok and the other is like sleeping all the time what is wrong

I have a variety of birds–Zebra Finches, Society Finches, Orange-Cheeked Finches, Canaries, Budgies,

and Cockatiels.

I’m currently keeping them in a sun room so the temperature varies–if the windows are open, then of course the room’s temperature is the same as outdoors; if the windows are closed, the temperature of the room is six degrees warmer than it is outside.

I live in northern Virginia–for monthly averages in my location, follow this link:

Are these temperatures too low for all or some of these birds? What is the cutoff temperature for each bird? Any suggestions on how to heat the room? The house I live in is old so I can’t safely use high wattage appliances.


Where should I leave my pet finches when I’m gone from the house, being that it’s so hot lately? I mean, I’m never gone for long, but still. And the air conditioner doesn’t run while no one is home. So what do I do? I don’t want them to get over-heated.

Also, are Febe and Fizz cute names for them?

about egg laying

I have several bird feeders in my backyard.

Some contain sunflower seed, some contain wild bird mix, and two of them contain thistle (they’re the long, skinny, cylinder type).

Lots of birds come to my feeders, but very seldom do I see gold finches.

What can I do to attract them?


I got some birds (parrots, finches, canaries) in cages in a gazebo that keep getting eaten by cats in the evening.

Thjey sneak in over the fence and find ways to open up the cage or pull them out between the bars.

They have killed several already.

Is there a way to get rid of them?

Any kind of poison that I can use or is there a safe method? Just FYI, these are stray cats coming into my property, they’re not my cats.

Are finches noisy birds???thanks

i seen my society finches mate three times since tuesday so i mean once on Tuesday once on wednesday and once today are they going to have eggs soon if they are when should i expect them so toot do you think they will have the ggs in a shorter time because theyhave mated so many times. and just so you know i only seen them mating three times and only in the morning before i go to school, so they could havedone it more times

I keep having dreams about birds, I remember one night i was simply watching a red-tailed hawk, one night it was an owl, another time a raven (or crow…) Anyways, the one that has stood out to me a lot though, is the reoccurring dream of me holding a small brown/green finch (not a baby, just a little finch that we often see here in Texas) that can’t fly. Im holding it, its tame to my touch (but its not a pet, its wild, just a bird I find in my front yard)… anyways, its starting to bug me. Does anyone have any insight to bird symbols in general, or more specifically, to these particular birds esp. the finch that can’t fly? Okay well, I thought I might add more detail.

The finch dream:

I walk outside into my front yard and there is a small (but fully grown) finch of a brown and green color, chirping on the ground. It can’t fly, so feeling kindly for the bird, I pick it up with the intention of caring for it and nursing it back to health. (thought there isnt any sign of illness or injury, its just not flying) I feel really warm and fuzzy while holding this bird, and then I wake up.

i have a boy and a girl zebra finch in the same cage… i gave them proper food and everythign they need to be happy, but they seem to be sad, or scared im not sure…

im a first time finch owner and i was wondering if their okay. please help me!

I am thinking about getting a finch as a pet bird. I’d love to have a bird, I just don’t need a lot of noise. I want a bird that talks, but not too much, able to be trained, and overall an enjoyable animal to keep as a pet. I also have a price range of $50 dollars or less. Do any other birds fir these standards besides finches? What would be a good size cage for 2 finches? Does anybody have good food or toy suggestions for a finch also? Some people were getting mixed up in their answers. My $50 price range is for the bird only, not the whole cost.

I want to get a finch but I want to know if it is a loud bird?

I’m looking to export some companion birds (canaries, finches, etc.) out of the country and to Guatemala. What should I go about doing to achieve that?

Ok, so I do have parakeets, 2 are mine, and 4 are my sisters. Well I really want to get either 2 more parakeets and put them in a separate cage (because my sister wont let me put them in her cage), so I was thinking, should I get more parakeets, or something different? I always liked Diamond doves, although they are a little bit more money and need a bigger cage. And finches aren’t bad either, although you really can’t hold them all that much. Well the main purpose is that I want to breed them, and I always find with parakeets (well with ours in the past 5 years) is that it’s harder to breed them. And here is what I have for the following:


*Metal bird cage and/or 10 gallon fish tank.


*Food dish/water dish

*Parakeet food

*Ladders and perches

(Will get more toys)

Diamond doves:

*Medium size guinea pig cage on a stand (they are bigger and need and bigger cage)

*Food dish/water dish


(Would get perches, toys, and dove food)


*Metal bird cage and/or 10 gallon fish tank

*Food dish/water dish



(Would get more toys and finch food)

If anyone knows a lot about all or any of those birds, please help me, thanks!!

i want to buy some but not quite sure wich sings more

here is a

pic of the RED 1▼

here is a pic of the YELLOW 1▼

my aviary is 2.5mx2.5m and just under 2.0 high with about 12 finches and 2 quail.

can anyone help me? also what about having other types of birds?

My female Finch bird has had an injury as it’s bird swing fell on it. It can’t move very well and I am trying to find out how to look after her till I can take her to a vet. I placed seeds in her box (i separated her from the other Finch because the other one keeps jumping on her!) but I am too scared to put water in there incase she drowns herself. Please help. Thanks.

They had names at the Pet store.

This one they called a “Rare Parakeet”:

This one they called a “Green-Cheeked Conure”:

This one I only knew as a “Conure”:

This one is called a “Silver-Billed Finch”:

Please help. I mean The names they would have for the wild birds. I cannot find them on this site: Also the “Cordon Bleu (Blue) Finch”: “Society Finches” too:

pls advise


can i use a reptile water fall cascading into a small rook pool in a cage for my birds (i have two budgies)

i am also wondering about getting finches mainly java and zebra (not to be kept with the budgies i know) so any help and advice is welcome

also i need help on designs of indoor cages

and how i should go about building a proper avery/ birdroom for the garden

like the legalities, designs

and feutures that will make it look like a natural home ps i live in the south of england nor is animal crulty war rasism child abuse or any form of not fairness so caging birds whom i look after very well is not exactly at the top form of abuse

oh fyi i let my birds out to fly for a very long time

and if no animal was caged we would starve

as there would be no cow sheep or any other farm produced meats for us to eat as it would be so cruel

if our ancesters thought it was cruel to eat meat we wouldn’t be hear now

When I received the birds one laid an egg in the box. I put it in the nest and was wondering if I should get rid of the egg. Will the hens fight over it?Any other advise for raising these kinds of birds?

Surely…they are all birds and should get on with each other… I like the ‘twist’ David w…have a star! seems like multi-culture living doesnt work for the bird family either!…

Our home is invested with fleas and we want the gone for the dog’s and our own sake. We have eight birds (cocketiels, parakeets, finches). How can we get rid of the fleas without harming the birds or ourselves? We don’t have a lot of money right now so something that’s not too expensive.

i want to put in other birds in my mini aviary, but dunno if zebras are social birds. thanks

I am planning to build an aviary but I am not sure what birds would get along.

The birds I am interested in having the most are sun conure, quaker and zebra finches.

Would these birds get along and what other birds are there that would?


I’m trying to find out the best enclosed bird cage for finches.

There are several on the market and of course each one says they are the best. I want to know which ones are the easiest to clean.

Also, anyone know how to convert a new glass aquarium into a finch enclosure?

We have a farm…We have lots of birds mostly Starlings and Pigeons.

I don’t mind them but I want to put out bird feeders and invite finches and oriels.

We have those too, just not that many of them.

I am afraid that the Starlings will chase them away, but I would like to invite another bird of any species to possibly chase the Starlings away..We don’t want to shoot them or poison them.

Any bird people with any suggestions would be helpful.


We have a huge cage in our backyard with only four tiny finches in it.

My children would like to get more colorful birds, but we aren’t sure if we can.

i’ll give 10 points for people who have pet finche’s and know the answer to my question!

i just got a finch bird as a pet and i wan to know how many times a week am i supposed to change and clean a finche’s cage?

I have quite a few small birds in my yard.

Mostly chickadees and finch-type birds.

We also have some robins and the occasional woodpecker and steller jay.

I’d like a good all purpose seed if there is such a thing.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

I live in Oregon and there a a few bird types but I want to get different ones like more finch type birds.

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