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> How to teach big dogs to be considerate of small dogs size?

How to teach big dogs to be considerate of small dogs size?

I have a great dane and am getting a small dog (12 pounds). He is very considerate of other dogs when socializing. But- just in case I would like to ask anyone who has a big dog and small dog how they got there big dog to be considerate (not step on, not bite, and to be easy playing) of the small dog. I would like to know about how people taught their big dogs that. Also I would like to ask how to introduce a big dog to a small dog. We are getting our small dog second, since we already have a big dog. Does that make a difference? Thank you.

no need to worry because i have a Rottweiler and a Yorkie and they get along fine

I’m going through this as we speak.

I’ve had a bichon for 11 years and 3 mths ago purchased a bichon puppy.

I know your talking Dane but the little one is so aggressive to the bigger, older one.

I’m constantly saying NO!

He’s always nipping at his legs.

I feel so sorry for my old man.

I think it may be because they are both males.

So maybe if yours are male and female, females are more submissive.

My point is sometimes small dogs are not afraid of anything.

Good luck

Has nothing to do with size, other then big dogs can be a danger to little dogs or children wiith out proper training, DOGS have no idea their size & power, they are all the same size to each other…which is why you find so many little dogs who think they can act like the biggest, baddest dog on the block, which can result in thier accidental deaths…I assume you know the dog you have & how he behaves around other dogs, like if he’s nice around other dogs, if not, it can be heartbreaking, even deadly…it’s best to introduce them in a controlled way, don’t just plop them together, the puppy or smaller dog might even be aggressive which could cause a problem…but if you know your dog, he’s nice, etc… things should work out OK…Take Care 🙂

Great Danes are excellent with small dogs. I do Dane rescue and also foster for my local SPCA. So we generally have an assortment of sizes in the house. There are 4 Danes at present, and we have had everything from a 10 lb shih tzu, and a basset hound puppy, and on up.

Everyone gets along well, and the Danes are very careful not to hurt the little guys. We have the occasional toe stepped on. Actually, the Danes get the worst of it, because the little ones tend to nip at them. Good thing Danes are such gentle giants!

I don’t think you need worry. It’s usually the little guy who bosses the big ones around. My big male was a wonderful “mum” when we got a new puppy, and cared for him devotedly. Until he grew up enough to become “bratty little brother”!


I don’t know why Yahoo thinks n*i*p is such a bad word!

I have a very large dog that plays nicely with smaller dogs.

He is a large golden and he plays with a 16-lb. shih tzu,

a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (about 17 lb.) and an even smaller Boston Terrier.

It varies from dog to dog.

A large dog with strong prey drive may never do well with smaller dogs and may put them at risk.

If your Dane has always been good with small dogs, I suspect you won’t have problems.

The dogs seem to know how to work it out.

If he has strong prey drive for other small animals (cats, rodents, rabbits, etc.) you may have problems and you cannot train away prey drive.

Expose him to your potential new family member or other small dogs and see his reaction.

It’s the best way to know.

I used to have two grooming clients.

One a great Dane (who has passed away) the other a Papillon (still with me).

The Dane used to sit and whimper at the Papillon sitting in his second story drying cage.

One day the owner of the Papillon asked if it would be OK to put her little dog down near the Dane for a picture.

She did and the Dane was so thrilled he immediately dropped into the play posture, inviting the little guy to play.

I have had several Danes over the years at the groom shop and have only ever seen the gentle side of these giants.

A well socialized dog seem to always know what is appropriate to the size of the smaller babies.

Just make sure that you introduce your Dane to the new baby outside of the home and then take them both back home together.

Never just drop a new dog of any size into a home where an existing pet has residence.

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