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> How can I fix my dogs unusual behavior?

How can I fix my dogs unusual behavior?

My dog is a minituare Schnauzer, but he’s really big for a minituare. Well my dogs problem is that he always barks and growls at other dogs, even ones that are twice his size. He can’t confront other dogs because there either scared of him, or they get pissed off at my dog. There are only a few dogs my dog confront calmly. I think my dog only growls because he’s excited, because once he meets the dog he’s very gentle and just sniffs around. How do I fix my dogs problem, I know one way to fix it is to get another dog for him to play with. But my family does not want another dog. It’s hard to introduce him to dogs because people just walk away at my barking dog lol.

i have a m. schnauzer myself, and he is like that too. its a natural thing in their breed. especially if your dog is not used to being around other dogs, like mine. i dont think you CAN actually fix it, maybe just train him. schnauzers really are aggressive towards other dogs anyway, so its up to you whether you want your dog to change or just be ”natural”. i’m fine with my dog just like that. i pretend he’s protecting me . 🙂

Many times dogs will bark or growl at dogs when they see one at a distance….it sounds like your dogs is telling you and the dog he wants to go over and meet the other dog. You are keeping him from doing that by keeping him on a leash. Since you say your dog gets a long well with other dogs, I would suggest going over to the dog he is barking at and let them introduce themselves. This may not correct he problem…I think this is part of your dogs personality….but, try to understand why he is acting this way and try to make him happy by listening to him and letting him meet the dog he is barking at.

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