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> What kind of dogs would make a good indoor pet; with children and cats?

What kind of dogs would make a good indoor pet; with children and cats?

We have young children, and quite a few cats (We’re a bengal cat breeder). We want a dog that can thrive with the chaos that can often be associated with life with a family. The dog would be fixed. We don’t particularly have a ton of spare time, so we don’t want a long haired dog, besides the fact I’m somewhat allergic. We don’t mind a small dog, but we DON’T want a yipper. Both my husband and I will be working, but it won’t ever be alone, it’ll always have the cats here, and two of them absolutely adore dogs, if anything, they’ll sleep with it and follow it around, play with it. Large, or small, it doesn’t really matter; but it needs to be somewhat easily trained, especially if a larger dog; we don’t have problem putting the time into it that it need to train, but it’s going to grow up with young kids, and we need it to pick up new commands with some work. It’ll be taken for walks, up to 45 mins a day, but would most likely not have a yard to run in. What dog would suit our needs? I’ll repeat, we don’t want a yipper.

Or a long haired dog.

Otherwise, we’ll all for any ideas.

I would suggest a shitzu or a mix between a shitzu and a poodle. The training part is one part I’m not really sure though.

With what you have described, I think either a Basset Hound, or Boston Terrier both are great with Children,

they also adapt well to other animals. I had a Basset

that actually had a cat of her own. She even let it have

kittens in her box with her.

Both breeds are also easily house trained.

This ones easy, we have two kids and one cat and an american staffortshire! I would recommend this dog for anyone who has kids (we have 4yr and 6yr girls and they have grown up with this breed). They are not big and have short hair, can be trained easily and are very tolerant and affectionate. Get a pure breed American Staffy and you’ll be hooked.

Toy dogs eg. poodles.

Fun, cuddly, playful dogs.

hairless dogs


They’re great with kids and cats.

They are the sweetest dogs in the world, though occasionally a bit stubborn but not to a fault.

Actually, their slight stubborness becomes quite endearing right off the bat.

They are good for your non-yard having situation because they are notorious for getting out of fenced-in yards.

They are pack animals and love being around other people/animals.

I’ve got a 4-year old blind beagle, have never had any problems with him, and he is hands down the greatest dog of all-time.

Not to mention we have an 8-month old male kitten who has quickly become the dog’s best friend(I think the kitten thinks he himself is a beagle).

Beagles truly are the best pet you could ever have(though I guess I am a little bias).

Look up Rat Terriers. They are short haired dogs that are great with kids. They will play with the cats too. They are great watchdogs also. They are very smart so they are easy to train as long as you are consistant. I raise RT’s and they are perfect for people that dont have a big yard that a big dog would need.

You might be into a pug they are big dogs in little dog bodies. You might like smaller poodles they won’t make you sneeze and are easily trained. A Basenji doesn’t even bark so that could be a breed for you. go to

and find out what works for you!

get a bird. dogs should not be indoors. they deserve outside time with fresh air.

Don’t get a dog.

It won’t fit your lifestyle.


Find someone in your neighborhood who has a friendly dog and set up something where your kids can walk it and play with it.

hope u manage to read this from all those long answers, but I would have to say my bread of dogs. Their beagle/chow mixes and they are so friendly, they love to be petted and dont harm my cats. Truthfully, my cats whack my dogs if they try and sniff them, although my dogs still dont fight them.

Id suggest you look for beagles or beagle/chow mixes because they are nice, like attention, and (as far as im concerned) dont attack cats

I have a toy poodle and lots of books say it’s better to have a miniature poodle with kids–as toy poodles may feel “insecure” around small children.

My toy poodle gets along great with my bunnies and cat, but he really doesn’t like kids.

Poodles also rank very high on intelligence and trainability, especially the miniature and standard sized poodles.

You would have to groom a poodle though as they have hair instead of fur–which is actually good for your allergies:)

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