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That would be my first guess because those robes are bright red. I was wondering if that’s how the cardinal birds were nominated. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

I’m beginning to like Cardinals because of the color red, and it’s one of the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen.

I just want to learn some interesting facts about Cardinals.

Yesterday, after it had snowed I looked out my window and saw almost a dozen cardinal birds in my front yard. I looked around and couldn’t see them an any of the other yards next door or across the street. They were all over! The scene was spectacular and so peaceful. I immediately knew that this meant something. What does this mean?

The other bird looked Juvenille, but it was not a Juvenille cardinal or a female cardinal.

I’ve never seen any behavior like that before in my back yard.

He was feeding him like he was his chick, but he looked big enough to be on his own.

are cardinal birds a good sign when seen often

I see a lot of blue jays, robins, all kinds of pegions and crows everyday by the hundreds, year around, but “red cardinals” only once in a while during winter months, does anyone know why, and is it the same where you live? I live in Houston,Tex. are the mostly in the rural areas? Well You all are giving such great answers, I`m having a hard time choosing Best Answer, and Geminisis, What a great sense of humor, your answer is a knock out!! yes, it must be nice to have wings, and who knows? maybe one day we will. Thanx for your brilliant answers, and the laugh.

My son found this red cardinal in

our yard but, now the bird seems like it is dieing. We don’t want to see it die and can’t afford to take it to the vet. My children would be very upset seeing this small bird die. Does anyone know anything about these birds. I think it’s wing is hurt and it can’t fly. It might be hungry or something I am really not sure. What can we feed it and do for it?

Me and my mom,

Are thinking about getting a bird, but she wants one

that can go through the winter and she THINKS Cardinals can but I dont think so,

She got that idea from a bedtime story book,

it was about birds who wanted to go south becuase it was gonna be winter and the cardinal wanted to go too becuase all his friends were gonna go south. And when he was there he wanted to go home agian. So does that mean that it could go through the winter?



This bird pecks at my hubcaps every morning before I leave for work and every evening when I get home from work. It’s like he waits for my car to pull up in the driveway! As soon as I go in the house

that cardinal starts pecking away at my hubcaps? Why does it do that, and how do I stop it?

I’m looking for one or more bottles of wine with a cardinal bird image on the label for a gift.

Please help! 🙂

It is hungry and I don’t know what to feed it & how do I keep it warm ?

(I never see them except on hwy, etc.) Wow, I didn’t expect to get TMI on this question.

I’d never make a forensic scientist, I guess.


My grandfather owned a cardinal for the past 10 years til it passed away. Over that period, I developed a strong liking for them and would like to have one as a pet. We have tons flying around in our neighbourhood but capturing it via means of a trap cage is out of the question (unpredictable, most birds eat same food as cardinal). I want the singing type of bird (not sure if its male or female but help in that department would be appreciated)

I current have an Air Crossman capable of .177 cal pellets at 500fps. How exactly would I go about shotting the animal down in a non-lethal fashion (gun is extremely accurate up to 100ft)? Do I aim for the wing, back tail, etc??? If not, is there another way to capture it?

Serious replies ONLY! Non-sense **** like “thats wrong”, “I hope you die”, “capitalist swine” etc… will not be tolerated and reported immediately. Got ya, I’ll check into the legality of it.

i want to have a cardinal as a pet is cardinal a good pet anyways?If it is where can i find it cuz here in southern california i dont see any at all.And how much does it cost?

job on trying to attract beautiful cardinals.

Well, instead now I am getting squirrels like crazy.

Why is that? my intent wasn’t to feed the squirrels.

I wanted the cardinals to come.

The squirrels just take right over.

I don’t know what to feed it. I need to now how to comfort it or fix it. She has 2 broken legs and can not fly on her own.

I don’t really understand what their mascot is. It’s a cardinal i think like the color cardinal, but then why’s there a tree? also what’s wrong with their band? i heard that they got suspended too…?

since a red bird in a green tree (evergreen) is easily spotted by a bird of prey like a hawk? Or is it one of those warnings (like frogs) where the red ones taste bad to the hawks?

This have been going on for months. Is it trying to communicate.

I guess I should have asked do birds interbreed ?

I’m looking everywhere for a beautiful cardinal pin/brooch for an influential woman who loves birds.

Need something classic and at the same time lovely.

Winning points to the person who comes up with the most beautiful find.

He/she can not fly just flops around when tries to fly what can I do to help him. What can I do to help him?

on the 2nd day the bird flew into the kitchen window, then once the window was opened wide flew back out.


is still near a tree by the window chirping.

I am looking for an estimate of how high a photogenic bird, like a cardinal, normally flys.

i’ve been monitoring a cardinal nest for 9 days now (thats when the babies hatched).

there were three babies up until today, there were two.

after the third one disappeared, i noticed the mother didn’t come back to the nest all night to be with the other two.

any idea why?

they look as if they are almost ready to leave the nest, so I want to make sure they are healthy.

why’d mother bird leave?

There is a picture a Cardinals fan made (in guessing) that has a cardinal sitting on a tiger’s head and pooping on it.

andybody know of a website where i can get it/find it/ it originated on/ where everyone else is getting it?

for one week now we have a pure white cardinal male bird in our yard

he is still a baby much smaller them the other males so how rare is this.and do they live as long as the others we have try to take pictures of him but he flys away when we get close to how rare is this

this bird has done this for about almost 2 years now.

it first started out with the same window,

but now it’s about 5 windows, on the same end of the house.

he does it with people in the room

and without.

he’ll fly up to the window and peck it once or twice and then fly away to a branch and then repeat it.

this goes on for a period of time and then he’ll go away.

then it starts back up.

seems to only do it during day light

especially early in the morning!!!


the bird feeder is in my garden and I use a bird feed for all kinds of birds.

My house has a large bay window and this one bird–a cardinal–flies & hits it all day long, everyday. Why do birds do this? Is it something about seeing its reflection in the window? I know it is maddening hearing it bang against the window all day and night!

I live in Arkansas and this is the first time I have ever seen this type of bird…it’s a little smaller than a cardinal… it has a bright red chest with blue wings and head, but it has bright green and yellow on it’s back..

It’s not a parakeet of that I am sure it has a fuller body than a parakeet has…it’s fuller bodied like a robin, but not near as big…it is a beautiful bird that I have never seen before and I would love to know what type of bird it is and where it is native to… this bird had a beak like a finch. I looked at the red rump parakeet and that wasn’t even close to what this bird looked like and it doesn’t have a parrot beak…sure wish I could see it again so I could get a picture to show what it looked like

Why are cardinal birds considered Christmasy?

They appear everywhere during Christmas — ornaments, pillows, whatever — but why are they connected with Christmastime?

I’m doing a science fair project and would like to specify a specific species to make it simpler. I need to know how

to attract birds of only that species. However, any information would be appreciated and helpful.

I had the birdfeeder in a tree at first but had to take it down because of squirrels – turkeys, etc.

Everything jumped from my porch into the feeder.

I then hung the feeder in another tree.

I put a homemade baffle on it (a large plastic planter with a hole drilled in the middle).

The “baffle” came to the middle of the feeder and larger birds (Northern Cardinals) couldn’t get to the seed.

I saw everything in the feeder including squirrels.

I changed the baffle so I can see the birds better and to let the larger birds in and to maybe prevent the squirrels from getting in.

I have not seen one bird since.

It has been rainy for a few days – could that be it?

Or is it the new baffle?

why and how so for this

and when , which temps do they usually return by?

Thanks for your answers! why do cardinals not migrate? what do the other birds who do migrate eat usually ?

which birds are those and what do they eat?

A cardinal laid an egg 4/16/06 and abandoned it on 4/18/06. The egg was found out of the nest and on the ground 4/18/06 and was placed back into the nest . The nest was intact.

we already know a bird team (cardinals or eagles) from the nfc is going the superbowl, so will it be battle of the birds: cardinals or eagles vs ravens, battle of pennsylvania: eagles vs steelers, or neither: cardinals vs steelers

They scare birds away like cardinals, red winged black birds and other smaller birds. What is the best approach to the situation? Would you suggest a different bird feeder or bird feed or even something else? Please help.

How likely is this?

There is always one cardinal, one mourning dove, and a number of other different birds which vary.

Are the cardinal and the mourning dove likely to be the same birds every day?

I am a senior citizen, diabetic and wonder if breathing in the air on the deck is dangerous?

I clean up with a broom and shovel almost daily the seed they throw over the side. I live in the country side not in town.

Please advise. I do have the seuit cakes out and have three or four different woodpeckers come.

I am glad to share what I have with Mother Nature. I can see them from my favorite kitchen chair.

Especially feed in winter I like to feed. Thanks everybody.

Every year there’s a cardinal that comes and taps on my window, every spring, it usually ends by summer, it’s NOT the same bird, one year it was a female and this year it’s a male, although I hear cardinals don’t migrate and mate for life so it could be the same “couple” I just want to know what to do to get them to STOP! I’ve tried feeding them (because I read an article that said they will do that when they are hungry) didn’t TOUCH the bird seed and kept tapping on the window, anyone know WHY or what I can do to get them to stop, besides being annoying they are dirtying up my windows, but mostly driving me NUTS!!!

The bird was brownish like a sparrow. Almost solid grey but brown. The head was shaped like a cardinal but round at the top. It’s chirp was monotonous like a bluejay but not abrasive like a bluejay. What was this bird? NY bird.

I have just buried a sweet little female cardinal who died on my patio and I wonder about it’s little mate who comes by and eats at my feeders. I can’t help but think the male is looking for her. Usually she is his shadow, and vice versa.

Well I’m a fan of an american baseball team called the saint louis cardinals, and so my nickname is little cardinal. [cardinal like the bird] how can you say that in italian? And please be accurate.

if you plant bird seed will birds grow? and if so what kind of bird seed grows


This bird (we think its a female cardinal) comes to my porch window and sits in a bush up against it.

Then it flies into the window and lands back on the bush.

This repeats over and over again for about an hour.

It now started doing it to other windows on our house.

We do not want to get rid of the bird; we like birds and have a pet parakeet.

What type of food can we give it to keep it satisfied?

What if we opened a window one day?

It sure seems like it wants inside! It is definately a dull brownish color with a vivid orange or red beak.

It’s not that we don’t want the bird on our windows, but it almost seems as if the bird enjoys it.

The bush that it sits on is maybe 6 inches or less away from the window, so it’s not like the bird could really hurt itself from hitting the window.

It hops, flies into the window, then quickly turns right around and goes back to its perch on the bush.

My mom said that while I was away, it went to a different window of our house and just sat there watching us.

Maybe the bird has a secret message or some underlying motivation.

What kinds of food can we leave out to keep it comfortable?

I wonder if it would ‘make friends’ through the window with out parakeet.

He usually gets excited when he sees other birds outside.

I have two bird feeders on my porch in a quite semi-urban area. One is full of safflower seeds which the house finches love and the other has mixed seed. I read that house finches can be aggressive and I don’t usually see any other birds except a cardinal. Sometimes there are as many as 12 finches on the porch.

I would have to say the robin in my opinion. I moved to Florida from Wisconsin and I don’t see them that much anymore. I used to get a kick out of the way they listen for worms in the ground and tilt their head and then pull one up out of the ground. Baby robins also look awesome. Occasionally in the winter, I will see them. But not often. Although the other two are very cool. I see a good amount of them here in Florida. And every so often (although quite rare) I will even see an oriole in the wintertime. I like to watch birds in the park alot. I know, I have no life.

I’m trying to find out if Cardinal birds have any great meaning. I know Native American’s thought that certain type of birds carry different messages or meanings. I had an experience with several of them.

If so how does it servive there.

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