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> What Dog-Breeds Are The Best Frisbee and Long-Jump Dogs?

What Dog-Breeds Are The Best Frisbee and Long-Jump Dogs?

If I wanted a breed that is notoriously good at athletic frisbee catching, and also those long-jump or “water jumps” you see on ESPN, what breed should I go with?

The two breeds my friends that know dogs well say are terrific are…

Border Collies (supposedly the best frisbee dogs on earth)

German Shorthaired Pointers (supposedly top-5 frisbee breed, and perhaps the best long-jump breed of them all)

Are those two breeds tremendous choices? Are there others I’m forgetting?

I’d say any type of herding dog.

Well i heard that Greyhounds are excellent for long jumps…

Labs do really well at dock diving!

BC’s are pretty good all around for a variety of dog sports.

There is not much they don’t do really.

If you do consider this breed, please do plenty of research first to make sure you are able to take on the task.

This breed requires a major training commitment from their owners and when they don’t get that, they can easily become a household nuisance.

Both Border Collies and Australian Shepherds are amazing frisbee dogs. Both are athletic and very smart.

My friend jumps her dog, he is an English Pointer/Lab mix, and he is a champion jumper. Some of his toughest competitors are English Pointers, German Short Haired Pointers, and Labs. But there are a lot of other breeds that compete with him, like the Dogo, American Pit Bull Terrier, Setters, and Goldens.

you have forgotten the Whippet,

one of these breed was the worlds best frisbee dog ever

I wonder if Weimaraners would be any good?

And I remember the best Whippets name was “Ashley Whippet.”

I’d have to say….

border collies, australian sheperds, german sheperds, and lots of other storng, medium sized athletic breeds….

Border Collies are the best bet for most any sport.

I’m sure many of the hunting breeds are better at dock diving then a border collie, but none would be as good at Frisbee catching.

Yes, Ashley Whippet was incredible at Frisbee catching, but Whippets in general are not natural retrievers and would really be poor at dock diving as most hate the water!

I’ve owned the breed for 35 years and have had two who loved to retrieve a ball,

and maybe would have done a Frisbee.

All the others would chase anything, but bring in back???? I don’t think so.

Those two are great frisbee dogs.

Dont forget the American Labrador Retriever they are excellent as dock jumpers and frisbee catching! Australian Cattle Dogs/Blue Heelers are also excellent frisbee catchers.

The dog shows that yo u see on ESPN are duck dogs like the black lab and the american bred Chesapeake bay retreiver.

They can jump more than 30 feet

in some cases.

You wont see border collies in those kind of competitions

catahoula or spotted leopard dog…. that is some crazy dog

go see the website about it… you have to see it to believe it

my dog is a german shepard boarder collie cross and hes a complete freak when it comes to his frisbee.

even though hes 9 he still loves the frisbee, and hes amazing at it no matter where you through it =D

I have an unusual answer for you seeing as what I have read so far…

How about a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreiver?

It is a Canadian breed but it is recognized by the AKC and actually competes in the Westminster Dog show now.

My friend has 2 of them. They are small and light enough to be able to do all the frisbee tricks (bouncing off chest, etc) and when my friend took hers to a dock diving competition, she took 1st place in the novice class (her dog had never tried it before!!!)

They also excel at Agility and Retreiving.

They look a lot like a Golden Retriever but much smaller.

Please check them out. They are an awesome breed.

By the way…I have 2 Border COllies, a Black Lab and a Beagle…I love them all BUT NOT ALL BORDER COLLIES LOVE WATER…

I agree they are the most agile of dogs when it comes to frisbee (because of their quick “turn”) but diving dog??? NOT MINE…LOL

Hope this is of help to you.

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