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I created a Plenty of Fish account and everytime I go on my facebook page it shows a google AdSense Plenty of Fish ad at the top and will not give me the option of closing it. I don’t have mozilla firefox i only have internet explorer, What should I do?

I am not looking for something that has “free sign up” but in order to view profiles or send mail or whatever, you have to pay.

Are there other TOTALLY FREE dating sites that are fully functional, just like Plenty of Fish, out there?

Also why do Woman on there profiles always say Msg me im looking for a nice guy im outgoing but they never message back on sites like Plenty of Fish .If your on a Dating Site chances are the guys are not Normal…

I went on plenty of fish dating site to meet new friends and new possibilties. The problem is the men on there I think are only out to get me in the sheets. Has anyone else had this problem with online dating?

basically i want to know the symptoms a fish gets when they have dropsy so i know what to look for just incase one gets it one day. also, how would you treat it, or can you?

I just broke up with my on and off, emotionally abusive girlfriend of two years and although all of my friends have said how she’s emotionally retarded and doesn’t deserve me.. How do I know i’ll meet someone else? I mean, there might be other fish in the sea, but none with the same fins. Do you know what I mean?

Yeah I just got dumped but thats ok. I keep hearing everyone say there is pleny of fish in the sea. So put it on my wall to remind me. Is there other catchy phrases I could use?

I am assuming the person that started it does not finance the whole site himself. How do they do that?

I’m 18 and really shy. I’m kind of afraid to ask girls out because I always feel i’m not good enough. I figure if I go though a dating site I wont be so nervous since the girls on there are trying to find a partner to.

my postal code and town are real

why doesn’t plenty of fish accept it ?

I am a transplant to Florida from Baltimore Maryland and have found more nuts here than you can shake a stick at.

I mean obviously, I know what it means, but how can you find something special in another person, when you think you’ve found the right one. Like I just don’t understand from the perspective I’m in how it would happen.

How do you move on?

Yeah I know that randon people have ‘ONLINE NOW’ written under their names when ther are online. If I would like to check someone specifically, is there a way to do so?

this would be for a divorce.

I’ve tried muliple times to access the website and it’s not letting me. States the service is not available. I know there was a network outage before so I’m wondering if this is the same issue. Is there anyone else having issues with the website today?

Obviously didn’t live in any of the midwest states did they?

What phrase would be more appropriate for us then?

There are plenty of other deer in the woods?

yeah, just go look for another one..there are plenty fish in the ocean.

I’m moving my betta into a larger bowl, but still want to make use out of my nice 3/4 gallon bowl. Any suggestions?

POF no longer uses Adsense, they’re using that Atlas Solutions MSN ad thingy.


Did Google put a stop to the amount of money POF was making?

…Or are they simply looking for a booty call?

Why when we meet a good catch do we tend to like somebody so much that we think that they are the only person who could actually treat us right??!!! ( Maybe its just a bummer when you end up back in the dating pool)


in my early 20’s btw.

Is when I go on these dating websites should I send unique emails to people or just form letters. I have a theory that my emails are getting lost in a sea of form letters from other dudes going to chicks.

sea” as applied to dating, will no longer be as relevant or as popular?

Mind you, I got a man so I won’t be using their service, but I saw this news story about ’em and so now I’m curious if anyone’s ever used this service and how do they determine who is fit or unfit to date hahaha

I was wondering if there were more options and more free online dating sites out there available? Thanks

Do you think I can make ordinary platonic,non-dating

party-friends on dating webstie?. I tried to make friends online and I couldn’t find anyone who was wililng to respond to my ad, so I started posting ads for friendship in the “woman seeking men” section. Do you think these guys will still hang out with me when they realize I have no intention of dating them? I of course tell them I’m only looking for friendship, but they usually don’t believe me and think I’m playing hard to get.

Anyone tried the “Plenty of Fish” website?

It is a singles dating site.

I was thinking of using it, but first wanted to know if it is any good.


plenty of fish is not allowing me to logg in and is not allowing me to creat new user name and pass word, how do i solve this problem.


I went to log on today and my profile wasn’t there so I joined again with a different email address and that also got removed..anybody got any ideas why?? i havent violated any rules..and there wasn’t anything saying i’d been booted..could it be someone i know on there sabotaging it?

Hi please can you tell me what you think of my dating profile on plenty of fish? I worked really hard on it.

what do yout think of the dating site plenty of fish ?

i was looking thru it earlier for something to do , not an actual member yet .

just wondered what you though of it or if you’ve tried it before

what are some other site i can try

I am on POF and I find that people mostly talk to those in their area. I am in a pretty isolated area and so there is not many people from my geographical setting. What are other free sites. Ones were people talk to others from different area?

IF so, what is your real age and what age do you say you are?

Age groups?

want it free like plenty and where the woman are as p for it like plenty too

Please dont say Myspace and Facebook

It’s sung by a female, that much I know. And that’s simply the only part I remember clearly, however, the above phrase might not be it, but it’s very close. Perhaps it’s “plenty more”?. Any help welcome.

i hate that site and i absolutely dispise anyone thinking they can go on that site from my do i block it?

Anyone tried the “Plenty of Fish” website?

It is a singles dating site.

I was thinking of using it, but first wanted to know if it is any good.


What other phrases can be used to replace that there are plenty of fish in the sea?

I mean obviously, I know what it means, but how can you find something special in another person, when you think you’ve found the right one. Like I just don’t understand from the perspective I’m in how it would happen.

How do you move on?

and he told me he’s really familiar with Y!A and that he would like to see a sampling of my work.

My question is, should I show him my twisted ramblings or should I just show him my bewbs?

Thank you for your assistance in getting me some action.

Why don’t we all have one right now?

Poll: Not enough fish OR

too big of an ocean

I met a nice man in mid July. I found him on the dating site Plenty of Fish. We been dating since we met. I see him approximately every 1-2 weeks. He tells me he likes me a lot. He used to call me 2-3 times daily. Now, he calls me 2-3 times per week. I also like him a lot. He is the silent type, doesn’t say much about himself. I found out he kept his Plenty of Fish account active. I also know that he checks that account regularly. I wonder why he still has an active account on a dating site. I don’t want to be naive and stupid as it is clearly a sign that I am not the ONE. That hurts me quite a bit. I am also out of touch with dating in 2009.

For those of you with experience with online dating web site, I would like to get your opinion. What do you think is going on?

soooo i just broke up with the best thing thats ever happened to me. we had lots of problems in the beginning, including him still liking his past girlfriend, and me not willing to step over a friend to be with him. its been a rough month, help me get back out there, i dont know how to find the other fish. they just arent there.

Want to post picture on plenty of fish from yahoo site.

what do people do there they eat talk to people they met of the site and thats it no more maby a couple beers

MP: Wazzzuuuppp?????

I remember watching a sitcom a while ago where one of the male-mains went to a dating service. He was about to say “Nawh, I’ll take my chances in the sea”, and she said “That’s what they’d like you to think, but in reality…” and then she goes to factor gender you don’t want, age you don’t want, appearance you don’t want, race you don’t want, countries you’ll never visit, etc, and jokingly she said “Yeah, there’s 2 fish in the sea for you. Good luck finding them!”

I was just wondering, and I know/hope the 2 was/is an understatement, but how true is she? You misunderstand – I’m not asking about the use of Dating sites. Nor am I asking for my own benefit. I just found the statement funny and was wondering of any truth.

I was blocked by plenty of fish. I need to know how to gain access

why has plenty of fish dating site been down all day today

I was wondering if there were more options and more free online dating sites out there available? Thanks

why is plenty of fishes offline ??

Are there really other “perfect” girls out there? Or did I just lose that once in a lifetime opportunity?

Hi everyone,

A friend wants to join the dating website” plenty of fish” it is a free dating service. I have never heard about it have you?

I mainly seem to hear men saying it… I mean, do women have a saying like ‘plenty more apes in the forest’? Or do they just not have the same attitude?

my page of plenty of fish will not open

When I signed up for Plenty of Fish, I got TONS of responses on my profile, im’s and e-mails. All of a sudden, about four days into it…nothing. All of the responses completely stopped. Is it because there are not that many girls to choose from so everyone’s seen my profile already? Yes I did reply to many and e-mailed some new ones. It just seems odd that it all stopped altogether so suddenly that’s all.

ive had trouble on this dating site and i cant figure out why i never get replies, i look young for my age, could that be the problem? like i look 16 and im worried all the women that view my messages reject me because they dont beleive me when i saw im 21

4 male mollies

4 male guppies

6 neon tetras

1 male betta

Is this overcrowded? Will these fish possibly fight (I am concerned about the betta)?

The tank will provide plenty of hiding places and plants and also a lot of room for ‘roaming’ around. The thing is, I already have the betta but none of the other fish. We’ve been keeping it in a 1 gallon tank (I just figured out this was too small) so I was thinking of upgrading him to the 15 gallon tank.

speakin to my mum on the phone about the lack of love in my life she replied plenty more fish in the tank..was she bein funny or has it got so bad that my option is only the fish tank and not the sea….

When my girlfriend dumped me, my mates said there were plenty more fish in the sea.

However, when I watched the news the other night, the reporter said that stocks were at an all time low and that quotas were being introduced.

Who is right? Not to worry folks….my girlfriend took me back and we had fish and chips. Of course the cod was caught in international waters, but unfortunately it was the last of its species.

Why do people make romance seem so easy with sayings like, “There are plenty of fish in the sea”? I mean, what woman on the planet is going to go for a guy who is less than the best she can get, and how in the world is a guy like me going to outdo all the others? I say, there are “plenty of fish in the sea, but plenty of fishermen with dragnets.”

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