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> What breeds of dogs have hair as opposed to fur and do not shed?

What breeds of dogs have hair as opposed to fur and do not shed?

My wife wants a puppy of a small breed for a inside dog but she alergic to dog fur. She has no ill effects from the dogs with continual growing hair. She just had to have her cocker put to sleep and I was wondering what other breeds were available.

poodle. friendly and smart.

bichin frises’ are really awesome. i’m a pet groomer and have been doing it for a while and i can’t remember one bad bichon. poodles are okay. chihuahua’s are another option. is it the fur or the dander that your wifes allergic to?

The allergen in dogs is not the fur, but the dander (skin flakes).

The only way to keep this under control, is to bathe the dog regularly (but not more than once every 2 weeks) and to brush/groom the dog.

I’m also allergic to dog dander.

When you have a dog for a while, you become accustomed to that particular dog and the level of allergy experienced and discomfort will decrease, but only for that particular dog.

My dogs all made me itch for about 2 years before my immune system stopped over-reacting to them.

In terms of dogs that don’t shed though, it’s any dog that you have to clip the fur.

Yorkshire terriers, maltese terriers, poodle (all sizes), lhasa apso, shih tzu, west highland white terrier, schnauzers, pulis, etc etc etc.

However, these dogs all require extensive grooming – regular hair cuts, regular hair brushing etc.

I have asthma and bad eczema and I am a yorkie breeder.

I find that as long as i keep them clean and make sure to clean my house super regularly, the dander does not get the best of me.

That being said however, when I groom them, I still sneeze, sometimes wheeze, and get itchy eyes and have to blow my nose a lot… they’re worth it though!!

My mom is the same way and we got her a Maltese for Christmas two years ago. Hair, not fur, does not shed, small breed. ours is ony 9lbs.

All dogs shed some what but this link has a few that shed less and are more friendly to people with allergies.

Yorkshire Terrier-They don’t shed hair and are very good pets.

My parents had 1 lived for 15 years and weighed about 8lbs it entire life. Great Pet

The only hyper-allergic dog I know of is a Bichon Frise.

They do not shed !!

They are a small, very sweet breed.

They are great for ppl with all kinds of allergys.

So sorry for the loss of your Cocker.

Well are many breeds with little to no shedding such as poodles, Bichon Frise, and Italian Greyhounds (the small ones). But you have the think whats good for your family. Some terriers are little to no shed, but terriers can be chewers and sometimes very troubled dogs. If you want a nice quiet no bark dog that is easy to teach I suggest a Italian Greyhounds. First look up a little bit about each breed and then you can decide. But i have an Italian Greyhound and she is a very great dog, I’ve never heard her bark, and she is very loving but can be left alone. She loves to cuddle, and sometime play. But she is the best dog I have ever had.

All dogs shed.

Grooming any dog on a regular basis will help with shedding and dander.

The Mexican Hairless Has no coat. Any animal that has hair shed that hair, some more than others.If you want less hair particually that fine under coat that floats through the air, consider the terrior type or poodle. Many blame the hair for the allergic reaction when in fact it is the dandurf or shedding of the skin that causes the reaction. The dogs saliva can cause a reaction. The type of shampoo , deodoriser ,and flee or tick medication can cause her reaction.Tell your vet your problem he can provide you with type of supplies that have no allergic reaction.



Most Terrier breeds that have wirey hair tend not to shed as much.

Poodles, bichon frise, soft coated wheaten terriers, and (not a small dog) afghan hounds.

When I had a house full of afghans, I never had a problem with dog hair because they have no undercoat and do not blow coat twice a year like other dogs.

They only lose hair like people do.

Poodles and schnauzers, giant schnauzers are really nice!

that would be maltese.there are cute smart and there will have good companion.

To name a few…

Maltese, Shih Tzu, Poodle, and a Yorkie are probably your best choices for small dogs.

You can do more research on which dog would be best for you at*

Of course there are the usual answers to question: Poodles, Bichon Frise.

But there is the Bedlington Terrier. I own one, they shed no hair at all. My mum is allergic to most dogs she sees and touches but with Bedlingtons their hair doesnt shed!!

They are gorgeous dogs with lively but loving personalitys. The Bedlington isnt small but isnt large and fits perfectly into the family home! They love to exercise and can run really fast, they are good with children but they are terriers so cant be too trusted with other animals like cats and rabbits.

They will give so much love and are amazing dogs.

I couldn’t imagine my life without Bedlingtons

Once you see them and own them you will be hooked for life!

Sorry for the loss of you cocker, but have a Merry Christmas!!

shih tzu

Um, the way you’ve phrased the question sounds like she put the spaniel to sleep because she was allergic to it. I really hope that isn’t the case; but if it is, she should stay from owning another dog, as she’ll be allergic to the dander on that one, too.

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