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How do you use Big Fish Little Pond… the Psycological technique.

I want a big fish. Do I have to buy some kind of fish food?Please give me a good answer.

You know what i mean. Just wondering why we don’t fish for mollies or platies or small catfish but we fish for big ones like bass and big catfish.

I played a really fun, down-loadable computer game one time where you can buy fish and stuff for you tank like snails and oysters. Also, big, meat-eating fish can come and eat that fishes. Please let me know what game this is.

Im digging a garden pond in my garden and was wondering which fish will live well together(not fight or eat each other).

I’m planning on Saining a creek bed for tadpoles, crawdads, and blue gill; but my brother is also planning on bringing bigger fish from the river(about 1 to 1-1/2 ft),like catfish and crappie.

Do you know if i could also add any more attractive fish, or would they just get beaten up and eaten up by the big catfish? by the way, my pond will be approximately 6 ft deep(at deepest point) by 18×20. the six foot deep part will only be about 4×4 ft square in the bottom and the sides will slant down and sort of step down to the bottom.

Also, how many big fish do you think i could fit in there? Laurel, do i sound like a retard to you?

Well to ease your mind, I might put 1 catfish in at a time, and with the mosquitos(yes catfish in the river eat mosquitos, ive seen them) in my area, it shouldnt be a problem keeping them fed.

If it is, then Of Course Im gonna feed them something, worms, crickets, any wild bug i can find.

If its winter and there are no bugs, then ill skin one of my cats and feed them the meat off it for a week or so. anyways, sorry for putting out the impression i was mentallly handicapped. o ya and no i wasnt serious about skinning my cat, i love him very much, as will i love these fish. but thanks for pointing out there would be no algae or anything for the catfish to eat when the pond is first complete. and we’re putting a rock waterfall 4 no stale water.

i think any fish would die in stale water w/out some filtration device.

Hi guys, I want to know what’s the name of the fish that is popularly known to tail or swim with big fishes/animals like dolphins or whales.

Sometimes they mistaken divers to be big animals too, so they kind of go with them.

Any idea what I’m talking about?


The hornpout is like three inches, and the pleco is like four. But I want some big fish to add that won’t fight with or eat them. Thanks! Oscars can be pretty aggressive actually but thanks

I have a 1 inch long fish and about a half an inch fish. I just put them into the same tank but I have a problem. The big fish eats the littler one’s food. The little one’s food is much smaller though but he still tries to eat it. How do I give enough food to the little one without overfeeding the big one since he eats the little one’s food. I can’t use separators or anything like that. Sorry about the lack of word choice.

Last night i couldn’t sleep, i went outside the living room and i saw the small fishes(Different species) eating the big fish. I am worried and do Anything to help!!


I only want to buy one game from big fish without joining the club so can anyone tell me how to do that?

Also, how do you make the payment?

Is there a option for paypal?


its a 72gal. any nice looking fish kinda on the big side?

im familiar with saltwater, lol.

i dont know much about fresh. salmon? wouldn’t that need a chiller?

What fish sticks out to you as intresting and big for my new 100 gallon tank?

I’m afraid that the little musk turtle might eat the fish since they are related to the snapping turtle. I would also like to know if turtles the size of sliders might attempt to eat fish. would they do so if the fish were big?

I have 2 fish and 3 babies, im pretty sure the other babies got eaten thats why i only have 3.

They have been in the same aquarium as the big fish for about 2 or 3 weeks and they are starting to swim out into the open and not under shells and things.

Do I still need to worrie about the bigger fish eating them?

If so then where can I get a sepperating net?

I ordered a hoodie from the Reel Big Fish merchandise site on Dec 7. How long does it usually take to arrive?

Well, I have a few baby guppies, five total from two different batches. One of them from the first batch has his (or her) colors and is much bigger than the others, but I have a wide variety and much larger fish in my regular tank. Fish I know would have no problem eating them, but to be honest they could easily eat my adult guppies and don’t so I have no idea when I can let them join the big guys!


I just bought a 5’6”, Extra Heavy, 1 piece Lamiglas Big Fish Conventional Rod with Roller Stripper Guide and Roller Tip Top, and I wanted to know what big game big casting reel would go well with it. The line weight for the rod is 50-100 lbs.

I can’t think of the word.

When you catch a big fish or a shark and you want to display it in your home or somewhere, you send it in to get all the insides and meat cleaned out and then they put like a protective clear coat or something on the outside. What is this process called?

I really enjoy movies that are composed of a series of stories that happened in a characters life and intertwine themselves into the plot. The only 2 that I know of are Big Fish and Second Hand Lions. Could you please recommend me some that are similar to those?

Because i’ve got a 27 gallon one now and it stayes crystal clean all the time and i change 50% of the water once a week, But i want to save up and buy a really really big massive one, will it be easy to keep clean? i will have goldfish in it, and my fish tank i have now has goldfish in it too.

I fish at an intercostal in north miami beach mostly over night and I never cach any thing big, I use mostly dead sardines, dead shrimp and squed. what am I doing wrong beside that? it is only bait I find at bait shop.

Every time I try to go into the Big Fish Games website it asks if I want to download a file called otg_bigfishgames_com rather than opening the webpage.

I have game credits available that I can’t use.

Does anyone know why?

I really want to find it. Also i always have trouble using patches. I get it right eventually but i usually have a hard time figuring it out. Can someone explain to me how to properly use the Big Fish Universal Patch and where to find it?

I have been playing Big Fish Games for several months now, and all of a sudden I can’t seem to reach their web page and Yahoo says that the web page doesn’t exist. Does anyone out there know anything?

I’m a fresh water fisherman, so big is relative to that, and monster catfish aside, I’m looking at probably 40 pounds max.

will a 6’3 rod with extra fast action be too flimsy to hull in bigger fish?

I am trying to play Return To Mysterious Island game from Big Fish games and I cant seem to go anywhere or find all of the items needed.

Can anyone give me any pointers?

I refuse to deal with Big Fish games.

Is there another company that makes those kind of games?

I live in Rowland Heights.

I’m looking for a good pier or surf fishing spot for big fish in Southern Cal.

(some of my friends get sea sick so)

On Club Penguin, there’s a game called Ice Fishing. At the end, there’s a Big Fish that you can catch worth an extra 100 coins. I’ve seen that fish in some peoples’ houses (igloos). Can you buy it in the catalogue, win it, or what?

For Christmas I got my kids the game Big Fish Little Fish Shark Attack……..somehow the instructions have come up missing……..I need help!!

Does anyone know how to play this game?

When i play icefishing on clubpenguin i always try to catch the big fish, but i just read the news and it said u have to get the big bait. How do i get the big bait??? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!

All my games played in full screen and then one day only half of them would. Big Fish Game Club suggested that I update my video card which I did and that did not help. The games still won’t switch from mini screen mode to full screen. I tried restoring my computer back to the time they all played but then

the half that would’nt play would

but the half that would would’nt.

Does anyone have any ideas?

this girl named chandler walker keeps saying that she was on the movie Big Fish, and she keeps saying that she has met miley cyrus and ewan mcgregor. she also claims that ewan is her cousin. i dont believe her. is it true?

I’ve tried looking for that game in lots of different sites, but all of them end up to have Big Fish as their publisher. Please help me. I love this game soooo much!

I have the trophy and i have won but everytime i go back to the old man he says ” Some of the bigger fish in the river are actually in the middle of the river, so don’t always cast so far.” Also where is the middle of the river… 60ft? And how does the cpu catch 60 pound fish?


Does anyone know of any games similar to the Big Fish (Everest, Titanic) and Mystery Case Files Series.

Many Thanks


What is the name of that big fish behind me in my avatar?

Not necessarily big, but are there any medium-sized, or big-ish fish that will fit in a 5 gallon aquarium? Anything that’s not extremely small?

I just found out that this fish called the hoki is used in the “fillet-O-fish” burger, does anyone, by any chance, know what’s in the “BK Big Fish” sandwich? oh and I’m almost 100% positive it isn’t Cod, only Arby’s and Wendy’s, to my knowledge, made a Fish Fillet sandwich with Cod….and I was thinking Pullock too, but I just couldn’t find any information on it.

I have to do a presentation on something from Big Fish and i was wondering whether Journey would be a good theme? I would talk about Ed Blooms literal journey from town to town (or something else if there is anything good), William Blooms emotional journey- coming to understand his father, and maybe even the director Tim Burtons journey, self discovery as his father passed away before he took on this film. Any thoughts or ideas?


I pratise Catch and Release, But alas many anglers don’t. Big or small they took it back. If they caught a pregnant fish, ii is luck to them!

I cannot catch any of the big fish with the fins in the ocean at all! As soon as they take the bobber down, I click to pull back, like I do with all the other fish, and they swim off! I don’t know if there is a special trick to catching them or not, but I cannot catch them at all. I have tried many times.

I can’t think of another movie involving a circus other than Big Fish and Moulin Rouge. It can also be a music video like Christina Aguilara’s..

i want a really big fish only answer if you play nicktropolis

For spincast reels. Are pistol gripped rods good for big fish like carp? What are the pros and cons of them?

i need to translate a scene from big fish into spanish, and make a video of it for spanish class.

what scene should i use?

i need to know how to get the big fish in ice fishing.

If possible give me any other hints or cheats u kno thanx

I am getting a new fish tank for upstairs, and I was wondering how big the fish tank (in litres please) could be without any danger of the floor collapsing.

This is not a reinforced floor of any kind, just an average rented house floor.


I can’t find game trials that are not directly connected through Big Fish Games

I have a 20 gal tank on the second floor of my house now, I want to get a bigger one, but I am worried about it being too much weight in one small(er) area.

Is there guidlines for how big a fish tank you can put on a second floor without worring about the floor and any potential damage? Thanks!

U.K. Foreign Secretary David Miliband and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have been discussing NATO’s situation in Afghanistan and a recent report on the problems there.

Asked about the U.N. report, Rice said narcotics were a big challenge, adding there needed to be better law enforcement.

“There are a lot of very big fish involved in this.”

This is somewhat surreal and maybe the Secretary of State is being literal about the narcotics.

However, I’m willing to believe this might be a serious problem and that there is some kind of Tuna consortium or extremist haddock operating in the area.

What do you think?

I bought a goldfish today, and it is a tiny one. i also bought wardley goldfish pellets to feed it, but the pellets are big and the fish can’t eat them. are the pellets for big fish only?

I am having trouble downloading the free trial games on the website Big Game Fish and I contacted Customer Support and they told me to download the Game Manager But don’t know where to go Help please

The big brown fish in the Telus commercial with the song “All I wanna do is talk to you”

Does anyone know how to get the big fluffy purple fish on the back wall of the store screen.

It has several different fish pictures on it and one is a big purple fish, very pretty.

I have won the game and discovered about 300 different fishes, but I can’t find anything that looks like that, or even what it is called.

Can anyone help?

I’ve seen Bill Siemantel fish 8″ swimbaits like the Spro BBZ and catch monsters! I was wondering if I could fish big trout swimbaits like that and catch big bass on Tennessee reservoirs even though there is absolutely no trout in these lakes.

I want one of those tropical Biorbs, will they be big enough for a few fish like these?

How much can you get in them?


are the big fish at the bottom or top of the water?what is the best time of day and weather to catch fish?what are fishes favorite type of bait?i’ve been using dead i cast the line out as far as i can or should i keep it in at a close distance? i am a saltwater fisher

I think its black and quite big. I think its black and quite big.

Can you get smaller ones?

the book is by Daniel Wallace and its called a penguins readers guide to big fish its in the back of the book

In Finding Nemo, what is the fish that killed Coral and all of the babies but Nemo???

My brother and I were wondering.

I have a 29 gallon tank and I have 8 fish. 3 Tiger barbs about half an inch big, 2 sucker fish and 3 other barbs tat i cant remember their names. And i want to get a fish thats big but not aggressive and that is compatible with my barbs. Not a fish that will grow

huge but about 2 1/2 inches big.

The tank is about 60 litres and the man in the pet shop said the eat a lot of smal fish and she didn’t reccommend putting fish in with them but i want 2 put 2/3 big fish in with them – not huge fish thou but decent size!

my tank is too big for little tiny fish, are there any nonaggressive oscars that i can mix with my fish? thanks

Ive seen many fish traps just to catch little feeding fish but i want to catch bigger fish. This summer ill be snorkeling around the lake in my backyard and i want to put this trap down and check it everyday.

step by step please

I have Vista and I have downloaded some games from Big Fish Games but some how the games will not let me play them.

Is there something that I need to download (all my other games that I download I can play them).

I want a fish tank that is at least 10 gallons please answer and if you are gonna add a website please explain, I need this as fast as I can,I am planing on getting it for my friends daughter for a birthday present.

Thank you very much for all your help and time!

I’m trying to find a place that I can get games like Tradewinds 2 and Chocolatier and other games from the Big Fish Games trademark for free. I’ve found tons of sites that have the game for a one hour time limit, but none where I can have the game absolutely free. They may not have one, but if you know one I could use, please tell me.

My friend has 2 big angel fish and mine are kind of small now. One is a white and gold color and the other is a black and white color. I just wanted to know if these guys are going to get any bigger.

I am looking for a website that has free download trials from anywhere but Big Fish.

It seems every site I go to sends me to Big Fish games.

I do not like them because they always seem to mess up my computer…any suggestions?

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