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> how do i convince my mom that hamsters aren’t like sewer rats?

how do i convince my mom that hamsters aren’t like sewer rats?

my mom grew up in florida where the rats and mice live in trash and sewers. i have told her that hamsters dont do that and they are from a pet store so they are clean. ive showed her pictures of really cute ones but she says they look like mice. what should i do?

ask for a snake then maybe she’ll be like the rat is better

even rats/mice from pet stores are clean

anyway hamsters have no tail for one, and your mum may be better with a fluffy hamster! (one that doesn’t resemble the shape of a rat/mouse, because of the amount of fur)

good luck!

You should tell her the difference of what hamsters can do and why they are smarter, cleaner, and better than rats. Look up info that hamsters don’t have any sickness. Or, ask her for something more scarier than the hamster or rat and say, “What would you get mom? a venomous lizard, or a cute little hamster?”

Good luck. Hamsters bite and try to escape their cage constantly. Oh and they are nocturnal. They will keep you awake all night running on their wheel or trying to escape.

If they do escape, they will gnaw on wood and get into food in the pantry and leave poop everywhere, you guessed it, just like a mouse…

hamsters are very soft and have shoet tails and they have big two fron teeth.rats have long tails with smaller teeth and some have red eyes

What crawled up your moms butt and died? A sewer rat, ha ,lame.

Hamsters are cute tell you mom that hamsters have been raised in captivity since like the forties! I agree with the first guy. Tell your mom you want some ugly creature and she may change her mind.

I used to have a hamster.They are very cute and interesting animals.Just do it, bring one hamster to your home, I think your mom’s gonna love it, when she gets to know him better!Good luck!

hamsters are known to chew the toes off of infants and they carrie rabies as well as ebola

however you can tape a kitchen knife to the back of a hamster creating an unstoppable fighting machine

well, they like to play with toys (like running in their little ball, you can buy them little cheese blocks they’ll hide under, and chew toys) whereas rats like to play with sewage crap..

Tell her hamsters are not from the sewer. They are from Syria, Asia, Russia or Mongolia. Also, the keep themselves clean and only pee in one spot in the cage. They are smart like that.

I can tell you right now, it’ll be very hard to change her opinion. My mom and dad used to despise rodents, but then one of my friends moved to Korea and gave us his hamster. After the first 3 or 4 days, my parents were in love with him! He was sooo sweet. You could possibly drag your mother to a pet store and show her the hamsters, on the off chance that she’ll like them. Really, though, hamsters are much different than rats or mice. The creatures she saw were feral, wild animals. Hamsters are domesticated and therefore have no relations to rats and mice (and other feral rodents) apart from their instincts. You could try explaining that to your mom; hopefully that would work! As a last resort, you could also explain to her that the hamster would be YOUR pet, and therefore you would take care of it, and make sure it never escapes; that way she’d never have to come in contact with it. Good luck!

well I had bad experiences with hampsters, but thats because mine went insane. I got one that was pregnant so she started biting everything and then when she had the babies she ate them all, but the albino ones.She was so evil. She use to be adorable, but she lost it. It was kind of sad, and then I brought her to my mums and while I went for a walk a drunk guy opened the cage and they excaped and we found the 2 babies dead, attacked by dogs and then the satanic mother is mysteriously somewhere unknown.If you advenchually convince your mother to let you have one be careful when picking it out and make sure it is far from pregnant and never can get pregnant.Good luck:)

Well for one hamsters DONT have tails! lol They are also 3 times smaller that sewer rats! And hamsters are the cleanest of the rodents! I hope your mom lets up a bit! 🙂 🙂

show them pictures of ugly disgusting scary sewer rats & mice. then show them rats and mice you can buy! and u tell them that you want the nice clean ones!

Hamsters are very clean animals in the wild or in your home. I think that the best way to have your mom say yes is to research

these animals then show your mom your research. It will help your mom see that these animals are not like rats and it will help you see if you really want a hamster.

It might be very hard to change her opinion on hamsters, but start with subtle ideas. Maybe take her to your local petshop where you are planning on getting a hamster if your mom accepts it. The workers at the pet shops will allow you to hold the hamsters if you ask them :] If it’s too much for her to handle, you can hold it instead & show her that hamsters are harmless. Inform her about hamsters on things such as what they eat, play with & tell her that hamsters are totally domesticated. good luck :]

Well for starters, how about trying the following:

#1 Cleaning your room and making sure that it STAYS clean and tidy.

#2 Making sure that your homework is done and handed in on time.

#3 Sweep the floors in the living room and kitchen without your parents asking you to.

#4 Wash and/or dry the dishes.

#5 Do not fight and argue with your sisters & brothers.

#6 Eat what you are given and don’t whine or make “yuck” faces when given it.

#7 Don’t talk rudly to adults

#8 Always share with other kids.

#9 Go to bed when you are told to.

#10 Research the pet and breed you want to be 100% certain that it is the right one for you.

# 11 Ask them about getting this new pet in a nice way and don’t beg and whine about it.

If 100% sure that if you give those a try, they will see that you are serious about wanting to add a this pet to your life and family. 🙂

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