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> Do you have a pet? Dog ~ Cat ~ Hamster ~ ?

Do you have a pet? Dog ~ Cat ~ Hamster ~ ?

Post a picture if you have one!

<<<<<<<<<<~ JJ my 18 month old Dobe. I have a goat haha. Stitch is the hamster,the dog is Lady and the two cats are pork and beans but i don't have pics of the cats I don't have any pets now, no. We have a 13 year old golden retriever called Bonny, she is beautiful and spoilt rotten. i gots a doggy- lucy and a guinea pig with social problems-Elvis seriously...he needs to see a shrink. lmao! *hands you a cookie* :) I have one dog and two cats. 1 sec Cat (thinking he's king) Dog (being Chinese) I have 2dogs a chow mix and a black lad 2 dogs, Arliss (Lab mix) and Brody (Beagle) <------ this is my mums dog, I also have a dog a hamster and two budgies!! Not any more... is 5 cats good? :) I have two dogs, Boris, a yorkie who is 4 years old and Brin, a collie cross lab, 11 years old. I also have a budgie, three children and a husband. :o) Yes, I have a dog. He has black fur, he is 4 years old, and is a great dane-lab mix, but his size is similar to lab, and skinny similar to a great-dane. I have 2 dogs Nero (Finnish Spitz) and Niehku (Laika) Cat. No pic. I have a dog called Tuppence he is three x I dressed him up on my bebo page lol 3 goldfish, 2 cats and a ferret =) I have four spoiled pet hamsters. They all live in "ham-mansions" (^.^) Their names are Hanzo, Yuffie, Momo and Violet. dog.and it wont let me.sorry. One dog, 2 cats and a goldfish. Angel my puppy and Autumn my kitten. i have 2 dogs, 3 cats and some fish..theyre all effin awesome! my fish is named Rambo.. I have a jack russel and a pig ...the pig is a bit of a show off as you can see if it dont work first time play again and it will nope i dont have one. but i want a chiwawa(?)missedspelled. yes a dobe, a tibetan spanial, 2 cats, and a fish 5 3 dogs & 2 cats jj Powered by Yahoo! Answers © 2008 Ask Pets. All Rights Reserved. Ask Pets is powered by .

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