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> I’m getting a hamster but my mom…?

I’m getting a hamster but my mom…?

My mom is letting me get a hamster but she is still having doubts because she’s deathly afraid of rodents, like mice, rats, or hamsters. Whenever I show her a hamster picture, she always walks away. how do i convince her that hamsters/mice/rats are great to have as pets?

Well Just Take her to a pet store and show her how cute tthey are!!!

you cant because they’re not good pets.. all they do is sleep and poop.. they smell VERY bad.. dont get a hampster!!!


Well tell her this

1.The only thing u have to do is

clean cage once or two weeks and give it freash food and water each day

2.i’ll keep it out of your way

3.and don’t just show it to her?????

Okay thats all

i showed my mom how easy they are and how cheap they where and she loved or you can tell her that you can get a 2000 dollar parrot instead and she might go for the hamster that is 10 dollars

in doing so im not sure but one thing i know not to do is make her touch your future hammy she will get super upset!

Well i just got a teddy bear hamster and I absolutely love her!!! I don’t like to consider hamsters as “rodents” because they are so cute and furry! I understand how mice/rats are gross, but hamsters are cute! Tell your mom all the good things about hamsters, I love hamsters so much! Make sure to find one that doesn’t bite, so at the pet store hold the hamster before you buy it.

i like cheese 🙂 so do hamsters

when u get your hamster, put him or her in a ball if you buy one and let your mom hold him or her while she or he is in the ball. if that doesnt work, just say hamsters are different than rats and mice and those other rodents, and then show her how they are by holding him or her.

If she’s letting you anyway what difference does it make?

She’ll probably like them once you bring them home.

its your pet not hers, just like keeep it in your room or hide him.

When I was getting my hamsters, my mother always scoffed when I told her I wanted to get a new hamster.

I would go ahead and go to the store, get the hamster and come home..set it’s cage up and let it get used to it’s new home then tell my mom…but I’m also 31 years old…so I don’t think that would work on your parents.

I would just show her how cute it is, and tell her that you’ll be the one to care for it, and handle it…that way she doesn’t have to even be near it.

Hamsters to me, do not look like mice and rats…they look like hamsters.

Just talk to her.

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