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I have three dogs of my own. I just had to move in with relatives for a few short months. They also have two dogs. Do you think 5 is too much? I pick up the poo at least once a day if not more. The dogs get bathed regularly. All of them are healthy, and each have been fixed. One dog is on regular medication from a skin condition that she had when I found her. So, they see vets if needed and get medication if needed. They have fresh food and water available at all times. They go on regular walks and get individual attention and play time from me. They all seem happy and get along well….Do you think its crazy? I will only be here ’til December at the latest. I love all my dogs and have even to come to consider my relatives dogs as my own. My dogs are two chihuahua mixes and 1 hairless chinese crested.

My relatives have a pug and a shih tzu

All in all there are two males and three females. Thanks so much!!!! My dog occasionally barks buy I stop her immediately and a sweet older lady lives next door and she tells me to stop getting mad at them when they bark…she says she doesn’t mind at all…but I still stop the barking immediately!

To me you could never have enough dogs, if you can take good care of them, and you relatives don’t mind. Dogs rule!

Sounds like you are being a responsible pet owner.

Koo-dos to getting reg vet care too!

Keep up The good work…

I think that re homing them would be CRAZY!!

Have fun with your babies!!

Give them a treat for us here on answers too!!! lol

Really it just depends on how comfortable you feel about…Essentially can you handle it? If not then yes it’s too many.

They are all small dogs and if they get along, no problem.

You might want to find out what the local bylaws are in regards to how many dogs are allowed in one home though.

So long as you keep your yard clean, they aren’t barking their heads off all the time and the dogs aren’t running loose, I doubt you’ll have any neighbours complain.

I think it sounds like your doing everything needed to keep your dogs taken care of. It sounds like no one else it taking responsibilty but you and the people who live with you are able to enjoy your pets with out all of the responsibilty. It sound like you are doing a great job!

I have four dogs, three cats, and a hamster named Fred. That is along with me and my three kids! I think you are just fine! And, it is only for a few months!

as long as they are nice and healthy then 5 is OK.i have 6 dogs.and 5 rabbits pedigree(all for sale.)and a tank full of dogs are great i have 1 pit bull (opera) 1 lab(snuggles) 1 sheltie (china) 2 breeding Pomeranians (evona) (rocky) 1 mutt (molly)( my dog).they all love me and i love them.

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