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Do you think they should split the fish catagory into

saltwater and freshwater and then other stuff?

Would make sense to me but i dunno

Where can you make suggestions? lol But for the people that regularly answer these questions it would be so much easier. I mean, i dont know anything about marine aquariums and stuff.

It might also help to discourage people that answer the questions without having any idea what they are talking about 😛

Ok..I have just learned that a goldfish would not do good in a goldfish bowl without pumps and filters so what kind of fish would do ok in this kind of environmentthanks

I don’t mind fish. I really like salmon baked on a cedar plank, and tuna salad – I love fish and chips.

However, I hate anything that tastes or smells fishy. I don’t know which kinds of fish are more likely to have that smell and taste – or if its a certain way of packaging/preparing before buying that makes fish more likely to taste like that.

I stay away from making fish because of it, but I would really like to eat it more and try different kinds.

Any recipes or tips on buying fish?

Someone out there has got to know and have more experience with this than I do. I’ve looked all over the net and keep coming up with the same answer. Yeah, I know, Koi. We’re kind of bored with the same old look though. We’d like to know what fish we can add to our fish/garden pond. Fish that can live outdoors and with Koi. Fish with color. Not plane old pond fish. Something with yellow would be great. Please Help!

Been reading how to keep fish after the catch if you plan to keep and eat.

A lot of sites say that by bleeding out your fish it will taste better and have a better texture, but some say that killing the fish by a IKY method (basically severing the spine/brain) and allowing the blood to remain in the body is better.

Or dependent of the type of fish.

Was wondering what you guys recommend for Bass and Trout as they are the main species of fish I fish for food.


I know you can keep a gold fish, and beta fish in a fish bowl and it will survive in the bowl. But what other fish can survive in just a fish bowl without an airpump and heater, and everything you need for a big aquirium.

What kind of beautiful and colorful fish can live in a fish bowl? I want to get a fish bowl for my little cousin. I want the fish to be easy to take care of and I want it to be colorful. Can guppies live in fish bowls? No goldfish please. Can I put 2 guppies in a fish bowl?

I would love to hear any kind of fish, but I would prefer fish that are reasonably clean and easy to take care of like the betta is. My tank (now) has more than enough room for almost any fish.

I already know that male bettas do not go together, and I know that species releated to bettas cannot go together. Also, dont say none, I know they can live with other fish, I have seen it before.

I have a new home deep fryer and wish to make fresh fish and chips for my family, however I can’t figure out how to keep the battered fish from grabbing onto the wire mesh basket while cooking…I have only been sucessful when skewering the fish onto a bamboo stick…….

Any good batter recipes for Halibut or other white fish?

I am wondering if i can buy tropical fish from a different aqaurian shop, i have bought all of my fish from 1 fish aqaurian store they are small tropical fish ( guppies, mollies, platys, swordtails, gouramis,) i am wondering if i can today get some more small tropical fish ( peaceful) from a different aqaurian store. ?

So can i buy tropical fishes from 2 different tropical aqurians?

Will the fish be more alert to deseases?

Are there any percautions?

I would say farm fish because it doesn’t have dirtiness and ocean fish can have oil on it after a tanker spill it gas on it. I rather go with organic foods then regular food.

I am no fish expert, and neither is he, so I need a little help.

I am going to purchase a new tank, probably 8 -12 gallons, and would like to know the best (colorful, low maintenance, affordable, non-aggressive) types of fish that can live together.

Any other useful information, like preferred water temperature or other equipment that I need to buy concerning a specific fish, would be highly appreciated.

Also, an estimate of the cost per fish would be great.

This is a surprise (he’s brought up getting a fish tank quite a few times in the past year or so) so I can’t really ask him his opinion without him getting suspicious.

Thanks so much!

I just got the 2nd beta fish of my life. It’s cute and a bright yellow (unusual, huh?). anyways, i want to spruce up my fish tank by adding some other fish to it. What kinds of fish are compatible with Betta’s?

Also let me know about shrimp, crabs, or plants Just so you know, the tank can only hold one gallon, but I plan on moving up the scale soon.

Hi, I’m thinking of buying a fish, but I’m not sure exactly what fish I want to buy. I had two guppies but they both died, so I was wondering if there are any fish that can withstand a wide variety of temperatures (besides beta fish). My mom won’t get me a water heater, so I need a fish that can withstand temperatures somewhere from the high-sixties to mid-eighties.

Thank you!

I’m seriously going to try and have a pet fish. It seems like a step down since I’ve owned a guinea pig for five years but I have been interested in fish. I’m leaning towards a regular gold fish but I don’t know. I’m not that experienced so I don’t want a really difficult fish to take care of. What’s the best type of fish to get for beginners?

I bought a new fish tank, 2 days ago. The pet store personel told me i should buy some vitamin drops, and some drops to put in the water, because of the chlorine. The

Water gets foggy after a day, and then the fish dies. 2 fishes died already.

Anyone have any suggestions, on what i can do so my other fish dont die?

I have one gold fish in my aquarium. What kind of fish can live with a gold fish? What kind of fish doesn’t eat their tail?

I have 20 gallon community tank with a HOB filter rated for 20 gallons and a sponge filter rated for 40 gallons.

Right now there are 6 neon tetras and 6 zebra danios.

What else would work in there?

My office manager wants a larger fish or fishes that would be more visible than the smaller fish.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

We where planning to get other fish for my 1 comet goldfish because she seems lonley. So what fish can go with a comet goldfish? And since I feed her goldfish flakes and I add a different kind of fish, what if the fish eats the goldfish flakes?

I am trying to add some decor to my room by addiing some fish. I’m just using some fish bowls, but I don’t know what type of fish I can use.

Over the years scientists have noted mature game fish have been getting smaller and smaller in heavily fished areas.

When the fish are studied, these smaller fish are found to be the same age as the previously larger fish. Explain why this change may have occured.

Today I discovered eggs and one of the angel fish happen to be guarding them. My tank has different fish (3 guppies, a bala shark, neon tetras, 2 goldfish, and a bit more) plus 3 angel fish. The guarding angel fish is doing okay and the angel fish never fight any fish in the tank. Anyways the question is what do I do if the eggs hatch? They are mostly unfertilized eggs, but I pobably can’t see some of the fertilized eggs. I do see some though, what do I do? The eggs are already in the tank full of fish.

I have a fish that has been living for 5 years and it came from a fair.(yeah, I know, crazy) I figure she is going to kick the bucket soon and I would like an exotic fish next. The problem is, I have a ridiculously small fish bowl. I would like I list of fish that are really pretty, vibrent and they can live in a small habitat. Help?

We have about 40 freshwater fish in a three foot tank and we feed them flake and a red gritty food that normally sinks. Our fish are no bigger then an inch long except for our two black knife fish. We normally give them about a teaspoon of each a day, is this to much?

I think that grilled fish is better for the body than raw fish.

I know that it is better than fried fish.

The key is making sure you use extra virgin coconut or plain olive oil.

I want to purchase fish for my normal sized aquarium for my bedroom. What fish should I combine in it?

I was thinking just Koi fish in particular. Should Koi fish be kept in aquariums, and how many should be put in an aquarium?

Where are good places online to buy fish?

I have a 10 inch /25.4 cm deep fish tank that holds up to 1.66 gallons/ 6.28 liters of water. Right now in the tank, I have one calico fantail goldfish, which is still very small, still a baby. Her mate recently died due to what I think was a swim bladder infection. I want to get another fish for the tank. But would it be safe and comfortable for the fish if I added another? Should I get a bigger tank first? Thanks for helping!

I remember someone saying something about tiger sharks and jelly fish. Nobody ever mentioned the long king fish we found in the water while deep sea fishing. The pelicans were more intimidating than anything though. Would it be probable to rule out an attack from a great white shark in south Florida? What other kinds of dangerous fish do you have to watch out for in place like Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach?

I am getting fish in 4 days and I have made a list of fish I want first, this is it. Zebra Danios = 6, Tiger Barbs = 6 and Dalmation Mollies = 6. What did you get first and what do you think about the fish I want first and the amount. My tank is 110 litres by the way.

I just bought a 29 gl fish tank kit, and I want to get fish but I don’t know what kind. Im looking for bright colored fish so that my tank will be colorful. Im also looking for fish that live for quite a while (I know, it probably depends on how well I take care of them). And I don’t want anything that will get huge, maybe like 5 inches at the most. Ive had batas before but now I want a big tank. Thanks!

My fishing level is 20, and I want to fly fish, but I don’t know what level I have to be, so, can you help me out?

We are starting a 55 gal freshwater tank.

What fish work best, should we look at small fish, medium fish?

We have a few other smaller tanks, but this is the first large tank, so we are lost in how to fill it.

I got a deep fryer for making fish and chips. Potatoes cook at a hotter temp than fish and it takes a while for the oil to cool down.

I have tried putting chips (not skinny fries, but sliced “chip” shaped potatoes in the microwave on “hold warm” in a bowl lined and covered with paper towels, but they get soggy/tough.

The fish cooks at 280 degrees for 8 mins and the potatoes at 340 degrees for 10 mins plus 2 more.

I can do the fish first, it would speed things up (oil heats faster than it cools) but still the fish would need to sit for 12-15 minutes before the potatoes are done.

What is the best way to keep fried food hot and crispy?

And would you do the fish or potatoes first?

The oil is not fishy, this is fresh caught Ling Cod, that was frozen in fillets within 1 hour of catching them.

So I think I could do either first….

Please hurry, dinner is in about 2 hours!


I have 1 Black moor and 1 gold fish and also a Loach to keep the tank clean but I am hopping to get a couple more fish so how many more fish could I have in a 50 gallon tank!Thanks for the help! I have already had my 2 fish for a year and my Loach 4 months!

I have ich in my tank and there are 2 possible carriers, a new fish or some frozen brine shrimp I purchased.

The new fish has not shown any ich symptoms but another fish has the dots all over.

Im wondering if he could have already had it and carried the parasites to my tank? The tank was at a constant 77-79 degrees. Already treating for the ich.

Just curious where it came from.

I bought a small fountain and I have 3 plants in it with 3 tad poles and 2 fish.

I have a Pix if want to send me a message.

I am worried that the water is not good water for my fish.

My Fiance thinks that the plants are too much dirt for a small fountain or my water garden is needing an oxygen pump to keep the Fish alive.

My mom has a similar larger scale water garden with a Fountain, plants and fish the only difference is she has well water and her watergarden is much larger than mine.

So do I need an oxygen pump plus my fountain? Should I take the plants out? Or do you think I need to buy bottled water to put in my fountain; or atleast buy the chemical that takes the floride and chlorine out of the water? Just put plants and fish in my tank last night.

Came home from work today my trickler got clogged up with dirt from my plants and somehow my water was dripping out.

It wasn’t empty when I got home today but the water level was low.

And guess what?

I killed 2 tad poles and 2 fish.

Maybe I should just stick to plants I can keep them alive.

Then I don’t have to be responsible for anything elses death.

Wish I could post a pix here, there is one on my 360 page if you want to see what I am working with.

I have one male betta fish in a 10 gallon tank with an air pump, filter, and heater. What are some fish that will live with him without any problems? Please give me full, descriptive answers. That would be most appreciated.

How do sudden temperature changes affect fish and what about fish that are in cooler or warmer temperatures than they are used to?

For example, in winter, if the tank heater dies it can sometimes go unnoticed by the owner and tropical fish are left in water about 14 to 17 degrees celcious. The fish don’t die, but how does it affect them long term or short term? Does water temp affect water parameters like ph?

I have a 29 gallon fish tank with 4 fish in it (irredescent shark, 2 pleco, and a fanned tailed goldfish) . Over the weekend, my area was involved in a widespread power outage. How do I go about keeping my fish tank water from getting to cold for the fish? I would just hate for my fish to die because the water got to cold. Any suggestions? Keep in mind, this is when my electricity was off due to the weekend ice storm.

I am going stream fishing for trout how do I keep the fish fresh while I continue to fish for more? If I use a stringer to keep fish in the water what is commonly use to keep one end on the shore/bank?

I am going down to Wildwood & Cape May for a few days and thought I would try surf fishing. What lind of fish can be caught with a surf rod in late sept & October ? Any tips, ideas are appreciated. Thanks.

I have a 20 gallon aquarium someone gave to me because they moved. Anyway right now I have 2 goldfish that are very naughty and they attack and kill the algae & snails I had in the tank. When my friend had fish she had 3 goldfish and some kind of silver colored fish and they left the algae eater alone. Just wondering what fish would be compatible with the bottom feeders.

I don’t have any thing in it. Just a simple little plastic tank with a guppy and some sort of pink fish? I know they can live without any air filters because i’ve owned many before and even these ones have lived a long time. But i just finished cleaning it and the tank and fish are covered with little bubbles and the pink fish is floating round like it’s about to die? Any idea what i can do to fix this?

I saw some koi fish at walmart that grow about 5” to 6”. Just wondering if a koi fish would get along with my betta. If so could i add more koi fish with him?

I just cleaned my tank yesterday and plan on getting fish tomorrow.I need to wait for the water to warm up.I would like African fish or fresh water fish.It is a ten gallon tank with 2 plants,and one big treasure chest with holes in it.Thx for any help!:-) Good first answer,anyone else as good? C’mon Kyile Ann answer my question!Jk Jk u rock yes it has been cyeceld and is already warm just so you know!

Hey everyone.

Anyone know how to boil fish?

I ate some at Old Country Buffet and it tastes much better than fried fish.

How long do I boil the water for before putting the fish in?

Do I just take the fish fillet and put in the boiling water? Thanks. To edward b: How does steaming work? I’m new at this.

I’m buying a gift certificate for my brother who lives in Texas and loves fresh fish.

I live in Seattle, and I know Pike Place Fish is great, but their prices seem high.

Which market has the best fish and best prices?

We have a koi and a chinese hifin shark. They look like they could be from the same family but they aren’t. But they never leave each other’s side. And when the shark was sick, the koi sat by it’s side the entire time and even helped to push him to the surface to get food. They nuzzle and cuddle each other all the time.. it’s really cute. but i was wondering if anyone else knows about this kind of behavior in fish, or if they have experienced it in their own tanks.

I’m planning to get a fish (gold fish in general) for a pet, and I’m wondering whether it’s possible for fishes to live only in a glass bowl, without any electrical aid, like an air pump or oxygen pump. I want something really plain and simple, like the ones you see in movies where the side of the table is decorated by a glass bowl with a fish. So, if I were to get that, will the fish live?

I just got a 5 gallon tank and i want to get 2 fish that are not boring and that will cooperate with other fish. I also want a fish that i could breed.Again i don’t want boring fish. Im thinking about dwarf gourami. Any other suggestions? Im sorry but i just checked and its really 8 gallons. Its still small but will that change your answers

I saw a fish in one of the aquariums at the San Francisco airport and there was no sign that said what it was called.

The fish’s body and fins are white, and the tail is a dark brown color.

I’ve taken to calling it a root beer float fish.

Anyway, any fish experts out there who know what this variety is called?

It wasn’t very big.

If I remember correctly, about six inches in length give or take an inch.

I want to place my tortoise into my fish aquarium that has a modified platform for it to have dry space. Will it start eating my fish? My fish are typical goldifsh, tetras.

I know its not generally acceptable to keep fish in a fish bowl as there is generally no filtration and the habitat is too small for most breeds of fish.

My question is then what kind of fish may I keep in my bowl.

It has to be a surface breather that grows no more than 2 inches and doesn’t mind isolation. I live in a dorm thats rules are you can have no pets, save for fish kept in no more than a 2 gallon bowl.

I have a 63L Tropical Tank, i already have four glow light tetras and 2 black phantom tetras. Both types seem to be mid-dwelling fish. What other types of fish should i get to have a wider variety of fish?


i want to house more fish with my Betta Fish. But, I don’t know what to get. I want peaceful, unnippy and colorful fish.

Thank you in advance.

I have a small clown knife that I got 2 weeks ago. He’s about 2 inches right now.

He had been fed guppy feeder fish all the time at the pet store.

I feed him small goldfish but I think it’s kinda sad to give him live food and I want to feed him frozen bloodworms but he won’t eat it.

How do you get a fish who has always eaten live food to start eating frozen food? I don’t want to keep giving him feeder fish because I feed my other fish frozen food and I’m too lazy to buy goldfish every week.

I am trying to buy a fish bowl and i was wondering wat kinda fish can live in a fish bowl?

My friend has a 10 gallon tank and asked me to help him pick out fish. This is the biggest tank he can get, so this tank needs to be suitable for the adult size fish.

He wants a few different types of fish, freshwater (tropical). I know

about the 1 inch per 1 gallon rule, just looking for suggestions. Thanks.

My little brother has five fish and a huge tank. We are looking for more fish to go along with them. What sorts of fish could we safely stick in the tank with them?

I have a new 40 gallon tank and have 2 jack dempsey ciclids in there and want to add maybe 2 additional fish. What are some compatible fish to add?

I have a 55 gallon tank with 3 bala sharks and a 30 gallon tank with 3silver dollars in it. I want fish now that will breed but the only ones that I know of are guppies and they wouldn’t survive with these fish.

Any suggestions?

I have a vase and i want to put a fish in there any ideas besides bettas and feeder goldfish? i have decided against putting any living thing besides plants in there.

I just got a freshwater tank, I wanted to see what kinds of fish will do well in there. I want to have a semi aggressive tank. What fish are really unique and would fit in a 20 gallon?

Also are there and bottom feeder fish that don’t get too big? Thanks!

I have a paper due for science on a removal of a dam. I’m looking at the pros and cons and was wondering how the fish are effected? Also how would it affect water quality improvement.

So I am thinking of getting a fish that lives in fresh water. It will be in a 5 gallon tank.

What I need is some step by step stuff on things you need to do befor you get it. (for example: Do i need the water to sit for any peroid of time b4 i put my fish in?)

*also, any USEFUL tips you can give me will assure you get the points 🙂

I am thinking of buying a couple of fish, and I need different names so I can look them up online and see if they are cool enough for me. I want a red fish, a blue fish with black stripes.

The fish must be freshwater, not need alot of care (Like a goldfish) and not be expensive*

*They can’t be something that will die easily or something that is aggressive and eats other fish.

what can i do to get my fry to grow fast?

I have a 3 month old pond and have already had two batches of fish fry from my Shubunkin goldfish. The pond is only 1,000 gallons and it was supposed to house my one koi and 4 shubunkins. I noticed about 50 fry swimming around in my little pond. What causes fish to mate so much? I know some people want their fish to mate, but have no luck. I don’t want too many fish to crowd the pond. What causes my fish to “over-mate”?

I was told that my parrot fish would get along with Angel fish and my silver fish.

However, either the parrot or the silver fish ate both my angel fish because they weren’t as fast. Anyone have any expericence with any of these types of fish? I want to get more fish but clearly Angel fish won’t survive! Sorry, they are silver dollar fish.

And the parrot fish were bigger than all of them. Also, the tank is around 30 gallons

I have a ten gallon tank with no heater and 8 orange cloud fish and 2 zebra snails. I was wondering if I can get anymore fish for my tank. I know that my option is pretty small since I have no heater but is there any fish that I can add to my tank?

Thx Also where can I find rice fish? and/or white cloud fish?

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