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r u sposed 2 clip a hamster’s nails or giv thm anyfing 2 trim their claws down cz i noticed on my m8’s hamster his claws were relle sharp so i asked her bout it n she sed she dun fink u need 2 worry bout their claws bt i jst wanna know cz i myt b gettin a hamster hopefully n i need 2 know. n also i noticed on my other friend’s hamster it had these weird things underneath it where th arm joint was(front arm)n i dunno wt they r? they luk like swellings bt i know they’re nt so dz anyone know? n if anyone can tell me anyfing els bout hamsters thn it wd b appreci8ed if u cud tell me fankoo!!!!!!!!!!!! omg alex winefly it’s called slang n i do know how 2 spell i don’t need a spell checker * ***** ***** n hant u noticed very few ppl actually use plain english. hmm……yeah ur answer woz VERY helpful…….lol nt relle n alex if u can’t read wt i’ve written then get sum1 2 read it 2 u or jst don’t bova answering i don’t mind if u don’t giv me an answer bt if u can’t answer then y botha puttin anyfing? n u 2 shih tzu lady thankyou very much carborane, softball-luva21, Blina and BioGirl. You are all very helpful, unlike some, not mentioning any names(cough)shih tzu lady(cough)alex winefly(cough cough) anyway thanx loadz 2 everyone else!!!!!

my friends hamster poops green smushy poop when mine poops pellets. His hamsters tail is all red and the hamster squeaks a lot!! Do you think that the hamster is sick?? And if so what should he do about it?

I’m wondering if I can get another hamster I already have two Dwarf hamsters and there pretty meen! And what do you think the nicest and cutest hamster there is to get? And can they live in the sam cage! And do they have to have to have another hamster with them? PLEASE ANSWER!

Can you feed hamsters tomato’s and strawberrys and stuff?

Also do hamsters go bald when their old? coz iv

noticed a lil bald patch on my hamster, he must be about 2/12 now! Thats ment to say hes 2 and a 1/2 i Think his baldness is from old age coz he is quite wrinkly aswel lol

ok i want to know everthing about

hamsters and what website i can go to to find out info and to fing cheep but nice things for hamsters and if this helps i want to know about long haired hammys!!!

the pet shop i bought my hamsters told me that i should not put any water in its cage coz they can take the water they need from the vegetable i should put for them to eat…. is that true???

i have two hamsters one male and one female is it ok or should i get another two for them to have company with the same sex??

if i put for them too much food will they over eat and die or will they eat only what they need??

Can girl hamsters be in a cage with another girl hamster without fighting, i know boys will fight, but will girls? because i want to put a couple girls inj a cage. they are blueberry dwarf hamsters

Will a pets store buy hamsters or take them if i give the hamsters to them or do i need something like a vet .. document saying that its healthy or anything like that ???

Can you keep two or more hamsters together in one cage? Ok so many of you are saying that it is fine to do so, then why did the woman in the pet shop say they would kill eachother? I am confused and how do you know if the hamster id Syrian or not?

What kind of home do you recommend for hamsters. A link and a picture would be very appreciated. I love them and I want to give them the best home possible. I would like it to be in Petsmart or PetCo please!

Thankyou Just for one hamster. This is my first. Thanks everybody. I think it will be a Syrian. They are the most common 🙂

i just bought hamsters and i have a few ?s.

do they need baths?

why are they trying to eat the shredded paper in their cage?

do they bite a lot?

Do hamsters have tongues? I’ve never seen there tongues so do they have tongues!?!?!?

alrighty, here’s the ththing…i’m thinking about getting two hamsters. the problem is i don’t know if there are any health risks(like do they have certain diseases or something)…are there? also i was wondering if there is a high possibility of them getting loose because i don’t think finding dead rodents is anyones idea of fun. so if you’re just randomly guessing…thanks but no thanks…and if u just want twoo friggin points, don’t pretend like you have any answers, just say hi or something. so yeah please help…i plan on getting them on friday or saturday!

p.s. if ur wondering why i dont just look it up…its cuz im lazy ok…thank u for the comments on my laziness…i was just lookin for a quick way to get sum info…i can take care of a hamster…so leavy the temporary laziness out of it thtanx!!

I love the way hamsters look when they hide food in their little cheeks.. your thoughts ? I also like they way they eat when they hold the foor in their little hands n chew real fast but thats best saved for another time

I have a few questions about hamsters…..

What is the life expectancy?

What do they eat?

Are they “easy” pets to care for?

Are they aggressive?

Are they reccommended for small children?

Any additional information would be great

Thanks! Any help is great people. please start sending in some answers. I would love it!! thanks in advance!! Hey guys! All your answers are helping me alot. But my main concern is the biting. I seem to have alot of mixed answers. But other than that you guys are great!

Also I was looking at some hampsters today and noticed that one actually had some sort of large bump (it was red) on its uhm “back area”. Is that normal and do they all have it

I was at the pet store and the lady said that the chinease dwarf hamsters were really nice and that the bigger fuzzy kind were mean. Before I have heard that it is the oposite, the dwarfs are mean and the bigger ones are nice. Can anyone tell me about the personalities of the fuzzy ones?

I recently bought a rotastak cage with vertical tubing for my 2 small hamsters. They couldn’t climb the vertical tubes to the attick bedroom so i bought 2 ladders to help them, but they seem reluctant. What should i do?

I got 2 hamsters from a pet store and have had them for a couple days. Would they still not get along if I bought another one from the same store that they were cage mates with? their dwarfs The 2 I have now like each other, they sleep together and such. I just meant if I added another one would the new one and the originals fight.

Sorry if I confused anyone. There were 4 hamsters in the same cage at the store. I bought two of them, so the third would come from the same cage.

i was wondering were to get hamsters in melbourne can any1 help

Im doing a science project on golden hamsters.

can anyone tell me intresting facts on them (especially feeding them) and any websites

can you give hamsters baths? if so how?

what is the best hamster to get?? i have done some browsing and i like the syrian hamster the most…what is the total

amount to buy a hamster and all of its necessities?? i really want one! and if you have had one, what are some tips??


10 points to the most info

i know this is a weird question but im trying to get a hamster for my little sister. Is there a type of hamster that is gentle when you first get it if so please tell me the name. Please post good answers i owe her alot and i would like to get her an incredible hamster thanks

I’m going to get my little sister a hamster and I want to get one that will work for her she is realy meek and a hamster that will buzz around and mabey bite her just because would be bad. Does anyone know a good type to get I was thinking about those realy fluffy kind?

My sister and I really want to get a hamster since my last one died. This time (so that they will have company) we were going to get two. Is it okay to have the same age hamster (girls) in a cage together?

ok i’ve had a hamster for about a month now and all I’ve been feeding him is regular hamster food from the bag. i was wondering if i can give him veggies. like carrots and broccoli?

what kinda hamster is good?

i want a hamster thats not that

fat, and is blond not black. &

could u also list its needs & stuff

Thanks =]

I’m getting a hamster. yes i want a hamster 4 sure. I’m am thinking about getting a golden are they a good type??

i have a hamster his name is Disney he is very depressed and whenever i try to pick him up he just slips and runs straight out of my hand now that makes me scared to hold him incase he bites, nips or hurts himselp i can not go to the vet as he is not really ill so what should i do?

Any tips are welcome…thinking about getting a hamster but not sure of the kind and sex- also any other tips or links to sites welcome

When a female hamster gets pregent, do they have a healthy birth, like will she live? and will she still live long after the birth? and how long do u have to keep the babies before selling them? tell me everything you know about it…thxx!! =-] Nicegirl i have already seen that movie so it won’t scare me and why would you send me that anyways to help me with hamsters???

i have a mean hamster named Newman, how do i get him to be nice

i am 12 and i need help!! i want to get a hamster but i’m not sure if my mom will let me. have any persuasive advice?

my hamster has a little bald spot on her back what dose this mean?

I going to get a Hamster……where should I get one, Petco. or Petsmart?

it would be easyer to get one at Petco

A few days ago my hamster came out of his bed with black clear eyes, a clean wee nose but a horrible soaking wet bun it was water from i dunno where and it was on his tail up to his back legs and i took him out and gave him a brush. its away now and he is fine but i was just wondering why and what was it ! oh and by the way when i said bun i meant bum sorry!

I’m thinking about getting a hamster but i want to know if their easy to look after and if they need any vaccinations and how much will they cost?

How do you stop an hamster from biting the bars of its cage i give it something to chew on but they just push it aside i cant take him out hes not tamed and plus he bites one time he bit someone and did not let go untill the person shook him off and person was petting him at the time and that is not eritating i do put muchie chews in the cage i do have a wheel let me and my hamsters sleep in the day and play in

the when im sleeping thats why the noies bothers me

i have a mean hamster named Newman, how do i get him to be nice

what type of hamster is better the big or the little ones!!

I have two small ones but i am wondering what i will get next!!

who has a hamster

I havent decided yet but im thinking of getting a hamster…what should i expect in terms of costs, care, and cleaning?

How can I convince my mom to let me have a hamster?

i hav a hamster it’s a baby and i can’t tell if its a boy or girl please help me pick names for boys and gals

how long is the avarage life spen of a hamster by the way a teddy bear hamster

i was on the internet today and i bought my hammy a advent calendder and a stocking but i he has a teeth problem and the vet cant do anything so she said try dog chews. so then i saw a dog stocking made out of rawhide and three chews in it made out of rawhide would this be ok for ma hammy.

if you want babies after how long should u separate the babies from the mom?

i dont want the mom eating the babies or the babies making more babies

ill keep the girls and boys separated

and on avrage how much do they make in one litter? how can u tell when its a boy or girl

[penis they dotn have any lol they do but there too hard to see]

how long are they pregnant

how much to buy, and cost of feeding etc?


So How The Hell Can You Tell What There Sex Is?!

how much do they cost and also all the stuff you have to get with them aslo breeding them is it hard? wht type of cage

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