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I Want to know if there are any other virtual pet games, other than, neopets, marapets, zetapets, teripets, and kiropets!!! Please tell me!!!!

~ Felicia

well thars sims & pets

Well, I know about another two: a site where you create your horses, breed them and try to make them the best in competitons., “Wajas is the first adoptable/pet site out there! We have many breeds of waja; creatures similar to that of a wolf. We focus mostly around breeding wajas but we also have a strong sense of community both for the young and old”

I paly on both of them, and me username on both is Wolfist, if you decide to join and have some questions

Try GoPets. In my opinion, it’s one of the best virtual pet games out there. I play all the time. You have to download the client, but it’s completely free. Check it out:

And feel free to add me as a friend if you decide to join. (id is Kyskitten)

Yes there is there is

a site that you go on the computer called And also tamagotchi

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