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are there any guppy games that are free online?? fish games work too. i have fish tycoon and insaniqurium.

Every time I try to go into the Big Fish Games website it asks if I want to download a file called otg_bigfishgames_com rather than opening the webpage.

I have game credits available that I can’t use.

Does anyone know why?

I have been playing Big Fish Games for several months now, and all of a sudden I can’t seem to reach their web page and Yahoo says that the web page doesn’t exist. Does anyone out there know anything?

I refuse to deal with Big Fish games.

Is there another company that makes those kind of games?

All my games played in full screen and then one day only half of them would. Big Fish Game Club suggested that I update my video card which I did and that did not help. The games still won’t switch from mini screen mode to full screen. I tried restoring my computer back to the time they all played but then

the half that would’nt play would

but the half that would would’nt.

Does anyone have any ideas?


I only want to buy one game from big fish without joining the club so can anyone tell me how to do that?

Also, how do you make the payment?

Is there a option for paypal?


I can’t find game trials that are not directly connected through Big Fish Games

I am having trouble downloading the free trial games on the website Big Game Fish and I contacted Customer Support and they told me to download the Game Manager But don’t know where to go Help please

I have Vista and I have downloaded some games from Big Fish Games but some how the games will not let me play them.

Is there something that I need to download (all my other games that I download I can play them).

I am looking for a website that has free download trials from anywhere but Big Fish.

It seems every site I go to sends me to Big Fish games.

I do not like them because they always seem to mess up my computer…any suggestions?

I’m wanting to buy a game from big fish, the box not download, and I want to know if it is a good place to buy games.

I want to close my account so I can stop being charged $8 a month (I just don’t buy THAT many games!), but I still want to be able to play the games I have already bought and installed on my computer.

My concern is I wont even be able to open the games that are installed on my computer now because they all use that BFG interface to open the games with….

Any thoughts?

I recently got a

reflexive game patch and I want to download games, can I do that legally?

So that, when you hit download, it does not come up with a page that says it is hosted, provided by or brought to you by big fish games, thanks =]

I haven’t been able to log on all week .

I keep getting the message that there is no web address for Big Fish Games.

Does anyone have any info?

I have downloded Home Sweet Home from all of theses sites and I want to play it again. Any clean sites?

I have to download six Big Fish games. Can you suggest some? I’m already downloading Dream Chronicals 2. Five more, thanks. C: I really like the mystery kind of ISpy games…Kind of like the Agatha Christy Poirot games and Ravenherst.

Is anyone else sick of the exit screen coming up every time you turn off the game? Are tired of the very long advertisements even after you have bought the game? Please tell me I am not the only one. They have my computer running so slow with that exit screen they have now. If you don’t like it please complain and let them know that they need to change it back. If we all work together on this then they will have to change it. I hope 🙂 Thank you all!!

Mainly Im looking for Enlightenus and Puppetshow: The Mystery of Joyville, and is it possible to get the full version for free?

I’ve tried Aveyond 1+2, Lord of Twilight and Gates of Night. Are there any ones similar to these?

I have that thing, where you get 2 free hwen you sign up. THOSE GAMES SUCK!

I want like a code to get a game like My Tribe for free.

Or any other game.

Is there another website that you can get the full version?

I really want to get Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst, but I don’t want to buy it.

Can anyone provide a coupon code or way ‘around’ the cost?

I have already played the trial game, but I want the full version.

Please, no moral replies about trying to get something for nothing…blah blah blah.

I can reach everything that I want but big fish games. I have used this site before and now it won’t let me in.

I want to buy virtual families with my credit card, is it safe?

I lead a kids group for years K-2 at church on a friday afternoon.

This week im on activity and the theme is “Fish Frenzy” i need to come up with games for the children to play that lasts roughly for 40 minutes

can anyone help??

I found a game that I love, Crazy Machines, and that I want to buy. When I try to purchase the game, Big Fish Games is asking for a club membership and $6.99 to join that club, but I don’t want their club or a monthly deal, I only want a one-time game purchase. Is there anyway to get around this?

I love all the game sites but I don’t want to pay. Is there a place like a torrent where I can download them? my ex boyfriend had a bunch he got for me. im not sure where he got them though and don’t want to ask because he is my EX! hehe

I love the game build a lot but I can’t find anywhere else to down load it. PLZ HELP ME!!!!

i brought the game mystery case file – prime suspects for my pc but had to transferr it to my laptop now unfortunatly it doesnt work and i dont want to pay the price again, if anyone could be kind enough to send it to me it would be great! thankyou.

I really enjoyed playing this game but because I don’t have a credit card I can’t buy it.

I’m looking for another site to download it from but as of yet am yet to find one.

I have download it from big fish games i searched and found othre web sites but it all leads to big fish games could you help me plz!

I purchased Fish Tycoon from yahoo games. I just discovered that the game isn’t compatible with Vista. How do I get a refund? Is there a way to fix the display error that I’m recieving so that is does work properly? (All the help websites are aimed at older versions of Windows)

I would like it if I did not have to download anything but if I have to thats ok.

I have virtual villiager 1 & 2 and I was wondering when 3 will be relased to the different game web sights (like Big fish Games).

I’m interested in testing it a bit more, but I cannot find it any where! Anyone know of a place?

I swear that’s all they release anymore! I hate em!

I played the demo of fish tycoon and now Im absolutely addicted!! 🙂 Are there any other games (which are free) that are similar to this game?

or any other games where you have to find things

I do not know what it is for.

i accidently signed up for the big fish games game glub thing while i was buying a game cs i thought it was just to get the game cheaper (like a special offfer) and i realised ive got a game club credit, and i dont know what theyre for. are they for getting a free game?

I love this site and went to it all the time but my spyware doctor is telling me its on the blocked websites list, I have the option to remove it but I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing so unless I knew why it was blocked in the first place.

I want to play freddy fish and pajama sam online without download or buying. I would like to because I haven’t played it in years. We had it and it pretty much broke. If you have an idea, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!!

i want to download a game off of big fish games and i have a mac, is it safe? i just want to make sure that it won’t give my computer a virus. thanks!

I remember playing Freddie Fish when i was younger and wanted to show my little sister. I only want a free trial so can anyone help me out? Most websites wont let me download in the UK so if you can find one please tell me!

I’ve tried multiple sites to download this game but it’s all from Big Fish Games. Are there any other sites that let’s you download it?

How come I can,t get bigfishgames to come won,t let me get into it …?

First person to successfully give me a keygen or a way to cheat the system to make it a full version is guaranteed 10 points.

does anyone know the key gen code to unlock the full game? i don’t want to pay and i don’t want any dodgy links to sites. i’ve tried everywere. i love the game

I got a new laptop yesterday with Windows Vista.

Yesterday it let me log on to Big Fish, but today it won’t, it just goes to the unable to find that site screen.

If I disable the protected mode or add it under trusted sites, it loads, but it keeps opening it again in window after window until I have to shut down the computer to stop it.

Also, how do I get it to stop automaticaly opening a new window when I close the old one because it is stalled out.

Hope this makes sense.


there are three skulls and three numbers i guess you have to find right sequence.

Guilty as charged… I’m obsessed with these kinds of games, but I hate that you only get like 60 min trials. What are other games like this? I even like the like spa games and bakery games. That kinda stuff because I’m no good at anything that requires a brain hahah..

I have been using them forever. I loaded one gane and then the next they told me i needed to download their installer. They never told me from where. Does anyone know if it even exists? I looked and looked.


I’m trying to find a place that I can get games like Tradewinds 2 and Chocolatier and other games from the Big Fish Games trademark for free. I’ve found tons of sites that have the game for a one hour time limit, but none where I can have the game absolutely free. They may not have one, but if you know one I could use, please tell me.


Does anyone know of any games similar to the Big Fish (Everest, Titanic) and Mystery Case Files Series.

Many Thanks


We have been playing and purchasing these kind of games for a long time. Last week i had to have the hard drive replaced and since we got it back the games are only in small screen. Any ideas? The option to play on full screen doesn’t make any difference. Is it the games or the lap top? If its the lap top, where can i go to change this?

I don’t want to steal the game.

I just cannot get any kind of decent speed on their client on my Vista machine (yes I have followed all their troubleshooting tips).

I am looking for an alternate download site, not a crack to avoid paying.

I want to reinstall a game that has a bug (like objects missing from the screen), but I wouldn’t start from the beginning, so I’d like to know where does the game place the saves on my HDD, that way I could backup them and then re-use them. The game in cause is Serpent of Isis.

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