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> What hamsters bite the least?

What hamsters bite the least?

I really want an opal hamster cuz I think they are the cutest.

And the blackberry hamsters are cute too! but what I really care about is there personality. What kind of hamsters dont bite at all and which do?

I’ve never had a pet before but i think im allowed to have a hamster.

any tips? and pictures of cute ones that are nice? let me know.

just get a baby and it should be fine

well go to a petsmart hamsters are well tooken careo f try there .

teddy bear hamsters

well all hamsters bite no matter what. i think you should get a guinea pig they are not very big and are so cute and cuddly. they live for as long as 8 years and maybe even longer .it depends on how well you take care of it. they are very sweet and they even have long hair. like humans . my mom loves them. she says they look like some of them have perms. i would suggest getting a guinea pig and not a hamster. plus a hamster only lives for like 2 years. i have had alot of Guinea pigs in the past and they live for a long time. they are so sweet and loving.

Personality depends on the hamster, not the breed. I don’t think you’ll ever find a hamster that NEVER bites, but you could find hamsters that rarely bite.

Here are my experiences with hamsters

Syrian/golden hamster – great hamster, never bit me once, well, once but it was accidentally when I was feeding her >.< Russian dwarf hamster - I've had three. Most vicious hamsters ever Teddy bear hamster - depended on his mood, but hardly ever bit people Dwarf hamsters in generl - mean hamsters. They did not like to be held, were very jumpy and would nearly sever your fingers So when you go to get your hamster, don't judge it on breed. You really need to hold them and interact with them and judge their indivuduakl personality. But remember, proper love and care can turn a mean hamster nice and poor love and care can turn a nice hamster mean. Teddy bear hamsters are supposed to be the most friendly. The sweetest hamster I've ever had was a grey dwarf named Sparkles (i'm going to reminisce now lol) They had her for free at Petco so I took her home, she was the most amazing little thing. I'm tearing up a little now. I had her for almost 5 years before she finally went over the bridge....that being said dwarfs are actually supposed to be the meanest hamster and you're supposed to keep them in groups so what i'm trying to say is it depends on the hamster! Make sure when you pick it out you hold (or attempt to hold) every one you're interested in and get to know them. That will make it a lot easier to choose. i had a dwarf hamster that never bit and was the cutest thing ever i've had a small dwarf hamster, and she never bit me or anyone. honestly, i think it just depends on the hamster. gd luck! =) A very small hamster called a 'Teddy Bear' hamster. They don't bite, and they are a great little pet for any one. A few years ago, I had 17 of them. I really enjoyed them. Good~luck ! ~Deb* well Campbells Russian dwarf hamsters are cute and stay small. They do bite sometimes but not alot and when they do it doesn't hurt at all. It just kinda feels like a very light pinch and it won't break the skin or draw blood or anything. Powered by Yahoo! Answers © 2008 Ask Pets. All Rights Reserved. Ask Pets is powered by .

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