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( Hamster Help !!!!!! )?

Hi everyone, I’ve asked this question twice now because every time I ask it I don’t get good enough answers and don’t get a lot of answers I would appreciated it if people could say as much as they can for this question and get your friends to answer it too. I will wait 5 to 6 days before I choose the best answer. The question is:

When I went to pets at home (Blackburn) I got 2 Russian dwarf hamsters and named them popcorn and squeak, I was told that they were both female but he’d only looked at one of the hamsters (not sure which one) so then I asked him whether they kept the same gender in the same cage, He said of course we do we don’t mix the females with the males. So I took them home and now 1 month and a half on squeak is fat and popcorn is skinny. I looked at squeak and she has nipples but when I looked at popcorn she doesn’t have any so now I think popcorns not a she I think it’s a he but I cant tell properly (please leave me some websites on where I can look at pictures to determine weather she’s female or male) so now because squeak is fat and has nipples I think she might be pregnant. (Please leave me some websites on signs of how she’s pregnant and advice).And lastly you could help even more by leaving your email address so that I could send you some pictures of her and you Can say weather you think she’s pregnant or not. PLEASE HELP ME!!

By the way please leave websites as well.

hye huni

well tghe dsamrtest thingto do would be to got o the vet ASAP that means that no matter what u will have compleley relable answers 100% wsintead of doubtig waht random ppls knowledge ya know??

go the the vet and jus ask on the phone for a ‘consultation’ for two masters.

she will give u a date and a time and be there try to make sure its soon so if incase she pregnant u have a time to prepare ur self for.

i hope that helped 🙂

If your hamster was pregnant, she would be a bit more moody and scared of you then usual. She will start building a nest, and if she and the male slept together before, she would kick him out of the nest. To sex hamsters, gently hold them upside down and look at there crotch region. A female hamster will have two holes that are so close together, they appear as one big one. A male will have two holes almost a centimeter apart. Dwarf hamster Dads will be active in raising the pups, but he will breed with the Mother again as soon as she gives birth so its up to you wether to separate them or not. Make sure to give the Mom lots of peace and quiet and give her extra protein like cheese, crickets, bread soaked in skim milk, or tofu. When she has the babies, the most important thing to do is NOT TOUCH THEM, or the Mom. The only time to touch the cage is feeding and watering. More details in the websites.

With smaller hamsters, it is always harder to tell if they are male or female. If they were young, the man could have been young. It does sound like your hamster is pregnant, so I would separate them immediately. There are some websites below that can help you!

I found this site:

Hope I helped!

im just about SURE its a female send me some pictures at i could tell if u have some pictures of the bottom of the hamsters. 🙂 so just send me the pics and ill tell u. hope i helped


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