Are You Missing Out Like He Did?

A few years ago, we decided to sell our house and move north and live on the beach. We contacted a real estate agent to come and give us a proposal for selling it. He came over right away and promptly prepared a proposal in a folder including some photos of the house. He was very impressive and professional in his personalized sales approach.Over the next few days, we hemmed and hawed about selling, and then we finally decided that we would wait to sell. The market timing just did not feel quite right.

A couple of years later, we reconsidered and decided to sell. My husband Mike suggested that I contact that same realtor as he had previously been so professional. I agreed that it would be good to contact him but there was a small problem. I could not remember his name or the name of the real estate agency. There were so many realtors in our local area.

So even though we wanted to have him sell the house, we couldn’t easily contact him. So we ended up selling our house with another agency. After listing the house, I received a phone call from that same real estate agent from before asking me why I had not contacted him. I explained that I would have but I could not remember his name or his company. I noted he had made no effort to keep in touch with us. Our house later sold for over 7 figures so as you can appreciate that the sales commission was sizeable. But why am I telling you this?

How many people have you been in contact with over the past 12 months who did not need your products or services at the time, but might now? Among those people, how many would remember your name and know how to contact you? As for you, how many of them have you made any attempt to keep in contact with? How many have you built a relationship with so that when the time is right for them to buy a product or service likes yours, they will think of you and contact you?

Of all those same people you have been in contact with, if a friend of theirs was to ask them to recommend someone as they are looking for the type of product or service you offer, would they immediately think of you and pass on your name and contact details?

I hope you are getting the message. How many sales have you potentially missed simply because people can’t remember you? I hope you agree how critical it is to keep in touch with the people you meet and build relationships with them – even if they don’t need what you have to offer right now. They might also have friends who may similarly need you in the future.

If that real estate agent (whose name I still can’t remember) had taken the trouble to send us a card twice a year (for only a few dollars a year), we would definitely have remembered him. He would have made a continuing good impression. We would have called him and asked him to sell our house and he would have made a 5-figure commission.

So make it a priority to put a continuing contact system in place for you to build relationships with, and to be remembered by, all the people you come into contact with. It can be as simple as sending them a card to say “hi” twice a year. Simple to do and the business results are potentially huge!


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