DIY : Paint Your Own Home with Style and Confidence

Home Painting is for the intermediate to advanced home painters and house painter who understands the language of construction and is not afraid to tackle almost any painting paint house

In the past house painting has been a real chore, we are going change that and make your next painting project last longer, go faster and save you money too.

Selecting Materials
The number 1 reason why most homeowners have painting problems lies right here, selection of materials. There is no such thing as a Good inexpensive can of paint! You get exactly what you pay for.
Considering that it costs the Manufacturer appx $4.00 for the can, label, lid, bail and shipping box, now add the cost of raw materials, manufacturing, markup for factory profit, freight, then the retailer has to make his 30- 40% profit, what do you think is in a can of paint that sells for $10-$12.00?

Better quality coatings will give you better hiding power meaning more square footage per gallon, easy touchup and longer life.
When I was contracting I would tell my customers, “it costs you 5 cents a sq ft for me to drag the brush across a surface, what I put on the end of the brush is up to you,  .03 cents per foot and I’ll be back next year, .08 cents per ft and I’ll see you in 6-8 years”  Get the idea?
Invest in a quality product and get off on the right track. After all, you don’t want to be doing this again in 6 months do you.

What Paint to Buy
Quality is determined by the grade and type of pigments, resins, and how much water is in the can.
Don’t just buy a big name brand and think you are getting a good product.
Every manufacturer makes an inexpensive paint. A well known manufacturers name on the label does not necessarily mean that it is a good product. They have to provide for all markets.
An $8 a gallon of contractors flat offers dry hiding, a matt finish, and covers everything.  Don’t try to wash it or touch it up.   A $30 gallon of the same manufacturers top line finish has premium pigments more resin, and less water. This paint will give you more sq ft on the wall per gallon, washes and touches up well, and therefore lasts longer. Stick with the medium and top of the line grades

Interior Paints
Enamels are less likely to be damaged by cleaning than are most flat latex paints. They come in a wide range of finishes including, high gloss, semi-gloss,satin or eggshell which is a hand rubbed look with a very slight sheen finish, not a color.
In high traffic areas and where the coating will be washed often such as kitchens, baths, and woodwork, an enamel will be your best choice.
Flat wall finishes are more desirable in other parts of the house like bedrooms, living and dining areas. 100% acrylic formulations touch up very well and are very durable.


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