“How Do You Create Customer Glue”?

When someone buys a product from you, do you want them to keep buying from you over and over and over? Of course you do. Do you also want them to rave about you to others, so the referrals flow everywhere to recommend you and your product? Of course you do. But how do you accomplish that feat? It’s simple. Create customer “glue”. It will let you and your product “stick”.

When someone looks at your products and services, but the timing is not quite right, do you want them to remember you and then call back when the time is right for them to buy? Better still, do you want them to refer other customers to you even though they may have not bought from you?

The good news is it’s very simple. You can have both. You do it with customer ‘glue.’

Joe Girard used this ‘glue’ to become the greatest salesman in the world in the World Guinness Book of Records. He has held that achievement for over three decades.

Tom Hopkins used this ‘glue’ to sell millions and millions of dollars in real estate.

Mary Kay of Mary Kay Cosmetics used this ‘glue’ to build one of the biggest direct-selling companies in the world.

So what is the “glue” that these successful business people used?

The ‘glue’ that worked for Joe Girard, Tom Hopkins, and Mary Kay was gratitude. All three expressed their gratitude consistently by sending greeting cards to their customers in the post. These were not ordinary cards though. They were special – indeed gluey – cards.

What made these cards so special is that they were not about Joe Girard, Tom Hopkins, or Mary Kay. The cards did not try to sell a thing. The cards were 100% about appreciation, showing gratitude to their recipients. As a consequence, these cards were “glue” and connecting to people’s hearts, making them feel appreciated and also very special.

If you were a customer or a prospect of Joe Girard’s, you would receive a greeting card 12 times a year with “I Like You” on the front cover. Inside the card would be more expressions of gratitude, such as “Thank You”or “Happy Anniversary”. At one stage, Joe was manually sending out 13,000 of these gratitude/ appreciation cards each month.

People loved these special cards, and they showed their appreciation with repeat business and even more important, referrals to new customers. You had to make an appointment to buy a car from Joe Girard because everyone wanted to deal with him. Imagine that! Needing an appointment to buy a car from a car salesman!

Then along came the Internet and people were lulled into believing they could get the same impact with emails. My reply of course is to say that Joe Girard still holds the Guinness Book of Records. What more is there to say?

Tony Robbins says to “Find someone who has received the results you want, imitate them, and you’ll get their results.” So if you want to be the Joe Girard, Tom Hopkins or Mary Kay in your own business, just do what they did. It worked then, and it will work today. In fact I’d go one step further and say that it will work even better today because so few do it anymore.

So put your glue – greeting card – system in place for customers and prospects. You can do it manually, but I recommend you don’t for two reasons. First, it will cost too much (from both a time and card cost perspective). Secondly you won’t consistently do it. There is a system you can use, however, that will automate the creation and sending of your personalized greeting cards in the post. It’s called The Greeting Card Shop, and it is the system Tom Hopkins uses today. If it works for Tom Hopkins, it will work for you no matter what your business is.

Just remember this final word from Tom Hopkins on the whole idea of customer “glue”. “Those who keep in touch and show they care never have to prospect.”

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