Property is Hot Again

For some people property has become a hot topic again, while for some others it never became cold.

When I say that property is hot again what I mean is that I have began to notice a big influx into my inbox of email to do with this property event or that property is hot

Before recently, my inbox was looking a little empty of these types of messages. Now, I have always got the messages from property development companies and middle men trying to sell me their latest “Must have deal” that hasn’t stopped, but all of a sudden I am seeing more and more of the “learn how to get rich from property” type seminars.

The truth is that now is neither a good time or a bad time to invest. Property for me is to big a topic to just generalize as a good time or bad time to make money from it. What it comes down to is what you are investing in the return on your investment and your personal experience, plans and situation.

Two experienced investors can look at exactly the same property deal and it can be perfect for one, but the worst decision they could make for another. This is problem but also the beauty of property investing.

You have to figure out what is the right type of investment strategy for you as an individual. Sure, to do that you are going to probably need to copy other peoples investment strategies to some degree and you are going to need to learn from them, but along the way you have to learn what is right for you.

The problem I have with some of these hot property investment seminars etc that are springing up again is that I have seen it all before and some of them are purely money making schemes whose money is made not from property but from getting you to buy into the dream of being a property investor.

Be careful and have your wits about you. Yes property is hot. It never stopped being hot, if you where looking for the right deals. But should you be investing at the moment? Well, that is for you to figure out your individual situation to make sure you know what you are doing. Don’t take for gospel what some guy are gal says at a seminar, do your own due diligence.

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