Real Estate Marketing Strategies: 10 Tips for an Instant Attitude Adjustment

It’s difficult to get potential buyers to make the commitment to make an offer on your home. There are basic steps you can take to encourage them. Here are some tips that can instantly make a difference and change the attitude of those who view your house.

real estate marketing strategies

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Finish off any DIY
If you are selling your home, you may have already mentally moved out and may not see the importance of one or two unfinished DIY projects around the home. However, look at it from the potential buyer’s point of view, as even minor work can be off-putting. If you are lucky enough to get offers with work unfinished, be prepared to reduce your price accordingly.

If you have clutter all around your home, it tells buyers that you are short of space and they will start to see your home as too small. Keep as much as possible tidied away into drawers and cupboards so that potential buyers see the home and not the mess!

Make an effort to keep any nick-knacks out of view. You want potential buyers to be able to envisage themselves in your home, but being faced with your family photos, pet accessories and personal collections can make this hard. Try to make your home as much like a blank canvas as possible without making it seem unwelcoming.

A basic idea that all too many people overlook. Try to imagine that your home is going to be inspected by a professional and clean accordingly. 99% of home purchases are decided by women, who will be adept at noticing the dirt trouble spots. Even bachelors buying for themselves tend to ask for a trusted female family member or friend to give an opinion.

The importance of the outside

Kerb appeal is still as important as ever, with most buyers driving past the property before making the decision to view the inside. Keep the outside clean and tidy, pulling any weeds, trimming the lawn and giving the doors and windows a wipe down. Getting buyers through the front door is the first step and if your house looks unkempt and uncared for, they won’t come in.

Bathrooms and kitchens

These two rooms are the biggest culprits when it comes to dirt and clutter. Give each room a thorough clean and ensure that all unnecessary items are hidden away. Clean, fresh towels in the bathroom will add to the appeal, as will making sure that the shower curtain isn’t too tired looking.

Use the internet to market your home
Most buyers turn to the internet in the first instance, checking out sites such as Zoopla and Rightmove. You need to ensure your home is listed on the big home search sites. Using a completely online estate agency and keep costs down whilst making sure that your home’s details are accessed by as many people as possible, as they list properties on all the major sites.d

Live in your house!
It’s not as daft as it sounds. Many couples now have homes of their own when they get together, so they want to market one of the properties when they move in together. Empty properties do not attract the same sort of interest as those still being lived in. Whilst you want to de-personalise your home as much as possible, having a completely empty property can mean that the buyers are unable to use their imaginations as to what the place would be like to live in.

Make the rooms clearly defined
Make sure that each of the rooms in your house has a clearly defined use. If your house is being marketed as a 3 bed-roomed property, but one room is currently being used as a study, your buyer will only see 2 bedrooms and will quickly lose interest.

Tone down the colours
When you are living in your property, you want to personalise it and can really go to town on the colour schemes. If you want to sell your home, however, it’s best to keep the scheme neutral so that your potential buyers can focus on the size and layout without being distracted by the walls. Purple and green may suit you, but you could lose a potential buyer who may not be able to see past the colors.

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