Secret to Creating an Army of Raving Fans

All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust. So it follows that the more people that know, like and trust you, the more people will do business with you.

How can you get the most people to know, like and trust you? You do this by creating an army of raving fans who enthusiastically spread the word about you to others, who in turn tell others and so on.

So who are the people you can turn into raving fans? Your customers are the most obvious ones, and most people will focus their raving fan efforts on them. But if you just focus on turning your customers into raving fans, you severely limit the size of your raving fan army.

Besides turning your customers into raving fans, you also need to turn those who have not bought from you into raving fans. This means all your prospects and your entire network. You want all of them referring business to you even though they are not yet your customers. Do this and you will have a very sizeable army of raving fans.

What do I mean by sizeable? Most people know on average about 250 people, and they each know 250 and so on. Think about that – 250 people know 62,500 people who know over 15.6 million people! You can create quite a ripple effect just by getting 250 people who know you to rave about you. Even if you worked on only 100 people, then 100 would influence 10,000 who would affect 1 million people.

Are you understanding what is possible when you create an army of raving fans? So what is the secret to creating an army of raving fans? It definitely is a secret and in fact, some do not want you to know as it is too easy and low in cost to implement!

Joe Girard knew the secret. Joe was in the book of Guinness World Records as the greatest retail salesman in the world. You had to make an appointment to buy a car from Joe Girard as he was that busy. Honestly – an appointment to buy a car! Joe knew that the secret was simply liking people and consistently letting them know that.

If you were a customer, a prospect or in Joe’s network, he showed that he liked and remembered you 13 times a year. Each month you would get a card in the postal mail that essentially said “I like you” and then you would get an extra card at holidays.

Joe’s contact system worked then and it works now. Today most people have fallen into the trap of relying totally on the virtual world to build relationships, with their main tool being e-mails. To check how effective e-mails are for building relationships and being remembered, look in your own e-mail folders. How many “Nice to have met you” or “Happy Birthday” e-mails have you kept? Or did you delete them and forget about the sender soon after they came in?

If you are serious about creating an army of raving fans, make it a priority to implement a postal mail system of consistently sending cards of appreciation and gratitude to your customers, prospects and your network. Yes, it’s “snail mail” but these cards of appreciation will definitely boost your business. Over time, these sincere and consistent greetings will create an army of raving fans and clients who will be drawn toward you, ready to buy.

You probably think this sounds swell but you don’t have time to manually write and send cards to all your customers, prospects and network. I totally agree with you. Even if you did have the time, I don’t recommend doing it manually as you would probably be inconsistent and then it would not work. To be effective in building your army of raving fans, you need to be like Joe, and do it consistently without fail.

The good news is that there is an automated service that you can use to create and mail personalized cards consistently. The Greeting Card Shop is the Internet online service I use and highly recommend. You don’t have to go to a store, a printer, or the post office. It enables you to send a personalized card to an individual or to everyone on your list in the same amount of time. You can also set up a series of cards to go out at pre-determined time intervals.

You have come to the end and now you have a decision to make. You can decide to do nothing and continue on as you are and get the same results. Or you can decide to take action and invest some time and money to create an army or raving fans. If you have decided to take action, congratulations! I know you will look back on this day as a turning point in your sales life and your business success.

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