Social Housing Budget To Be Slashed in 2010

As we all know The UK government is planning on making huge cuts to try and deal with the economical problems that we have been experiencing for the last few years. All will become clear over the next few days; however, one of the rumoured cuts is an up to 80% cut in the social housing budget.

The government knows it has to make some tough decisions and I think everyone appreciates that it is not an easy time; however, would a cut of up to 80% in the social housing budget be a step to far?

What problems are we building for ourselves and for future generations by making these sort of drastic cuts. If the social housing budget is slashed then the effect it will have on people will probably not be felt straight away. A few years down the road is when we will probably learn exactly how these sort of drastic cuts have impacted on everyday Britain.

To read more about these potential cuts go to social housing budget cuts.

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