5 Unique Ways to Stand Out From Your Competition

There is so much competition out there, and you really need to stand out or you will be lost in the noise. Instead of recounting the usual ways to stand out from your competition, which reflect your solution and your unique value, I am going to focus on five great ways that revolve around the experience of dealing with you. These ways will make your prospect want to choose you as they will like the experience and the feeling of being around you.

#1 Deliver a hard copy of your proposal – not just an email version. Wrap it in a BIG box with bright paper and put a BIG bow on it and attach balloons to it. Not only will it bring a smile to your prospect’s face, but the delivery itself will become a talking point. If your competition just delivers theirs by email or in an envelope, they will be remembered for how bland and unexciting their proposal delivery was. You have immediately and cleverly put your competition at a disadvantage.

#2 When you give a presentation, bring some chocolates or cakes and sweets and put them on a big plate in the center of the table. This is simple, effective, fun and memorable. You will find it relaxes people and they switch into their “real” vs. their business roles, especially if you just happen to bring their favorite items. Even if some or all of them don’t choose to eat, they will remember and appreciate that you made the effort and the competition didn’t.

#3 When you give a presentation, limit any PowerPoint slides to ten in one hour. Also have most of the slides include pictures. Remember the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Choose fun pictures that convey the essence of what you want to convey. There will be a huge sigh of relief when you say at the beginning you only have 10 slides, and then there will be smiles when they see your pictures. They’ll enjoy it more and they’ll thank you at the end. When your competition comes and does “death by Powerpoint”, they will be thinking back about you.

#4 Regularly ask your prospects to meetings outside their offices. Invite them to a local coffee shop or a nearby hotel cafe. Even if they say “no” the first time, keep trying. People really appreciate getting out of their office some of the time and they’ll actually start to look forward to meetings with you. You’ll find that outside meeting places will accelerate building your relationships and your prospects will open up more. If your competition always has formal office meetings, imagine the difference in conversation and the relationship and who the prospects will prefer to meet with.

#5 Send a huge “Thank You” card to them for considering your offer. Include photos in the card – photos of them and photos of your proposal in the BIG box with the bow and balloons. When your competition sends a brief “thank you” email (and some won’t even do that), it will get deleted in a second while they all talk about your card and photos and displayed on their desk or notice board.

Do not underestimate the positive impact of doing these things. I recently advised someone to do number #1 and he reluctantly delivered his proposal wrapped with a bow and balloons. He told me afterwards that he thought beforehand that it was a little cheesy, but then he saw the big smile and excitement it generated. The prospect made a big point then of saying that the other firms had only delivered their offers in an envelope and a plastic bag! I wonder who the psychological favorite is!

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