What Do You Do When They Say “No”?

The prospect has said “no” to you. So what do you do next? What you do will have a huge impact on your sales results. Most sales people just move on to the next prospect, and if they say “no”, they keep moving on in the same way over and over.

In 2007 we planned to sell our house and we invited a real estate agent to give us a proposal. He was very professional and timely and we were impressed. But a few days later we changed our minds and decided not to sell. So we effectively gave him a “no” and didn’t hear from him again.

A few years later in 2010, we decided to definitely sell our house. My husband suggested we contact that same real estate agent as he was so impressive. But there was a problem: I did not know his name or his agency. He had not been in contact with us since he heard that “no” from us.

This sort of situation happens frequently. Think about it in your own business. How many prospects have given you a “no”? How many of them would remember your name and your telephone number so they could call you if they now need your services?

Are you seeing the picture? Are you getting an idea of how many sales you might have lost because you treated a “no” as a “never”? There is a very simple way to solve all of this. You continue to stay in touch in a way that builds the relationship.

This will have a huge impact on your future sales. It will not give you immediate results, but over the years it will give you lots more sales and referrals. In fact, you would already have those additional sales if you had started doing what I am about to tell you as little as a year ago.

So what should you do? You could put them on your email mailing list. However, emails are great for conveying information but not for building relationships. If you rely solely on emails for continuing contact, you run the risk of being deleted and unsubscribed. Most people are overwhelmed and unaffected by emails.

So how should you keep in touch to build the relationship? My own way is making periodic phone calls combined with mailing greeting cards. They say “Hi”, “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Holidays”, and other greetings that are motivational. Greeting cards usually make people smile and feel appreciated.

In 2010 when we could not contact that real estate agent, we listed our house with another agent. The day our house went on the market, I received a phone call from the prior agent. He was quite indignant and asked “Why did you not list your house with me?” I told him I would have but couldn’t remember his name or his agency.

He had made no effort to keep in touch. If he had just mailed us a card a few times a year, he could have built a relationship with us and we would have remembered and called him. If he’d spent less than $20 on sending us greeting cards, he could have made well over $10,000 in commission on the sale of our house. Not a bad return!

Don’t make the same fatal mistake of treating a “no” as a ” never” and rush off to find a “yes”. If you want to increase your sales dramatically over the next few years, treat a “no” as a “not now” and then keep in touch in such a way that build the relationship. When their situation and needs change, they will think of you and will call you when they are ready to buy.

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